Chris Brown's lover, Petara Cordero, dies in an accident


Petara Cordero, his construction girlfriend Browns Chris Smith, died on Wednesday morning after a car accident on Cleveland highway.

According to a statement issued by the Browns, the 201bor Laminighini Smith had a malfunctioning of the tires and was inflated into the median. Smith left, who was driving, and Cordero, a passenger, the car without serious injury. Emerging vehicle Cordero, 26, then met.

Smith was not impaired, nor was he injured, police said.

“Words cannot describe the anxiety we feel for Chris when his girlfriend, Petara, is lost,” said Dee's team owners and Jimmy Haslam in a statement. “Chris, his family and the Cordero family value our organization. We will do everything possible to offer them our support, comfort and any resources at this most difficult time. ”

Smith and Cordero had a daughter during the Browns season '. The Smith, who is 27 years old, lost a game against the Colts to attend the birth.

The Browns told players about the accident on Wednesday morning, and said that they would give Smith the opportunity to regret “as it suits him best.” T

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