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Chronology of Kidnapping of Girls in Tangsel, Perpetrators Harass Victims on Motorcycles

TANGERANG SELATAN, KOMPAS.com – The kidnapping case of an underage girl occurred in South Tangerang on Sunday (2/1/2022).

The victim managed to save himself after daring to jump from the top of the perpetrator’s motorbike.

The police announced that the perpetrator had been arrested.

“It happened on Sunday (2/1/2022) at around 15.30 WIB. The victim and his friends were playing bicycles near the house,” said South Tangerang Police Chief AKBP Sarly Sollu at the South Tangerang Police Headquarters, Friday (14/1/2022) .

The perpetrator with the initials DFR (22) then approached the victim on a motorbike. By pretending to ask the address, the perpetrator asked the victim to chat and then asked the victim to deliver him.

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“The perpetrator pretended not to be able to use Google Maps, so he asked the victim for help to take the perpetrator by riding the victim on a motorbike driven by the perpetrator. Then the victim was carried to the Gunung Sindur area,” explained Sarly.

He added that on the way, because of lust with the victim, the perpetrator repeatedly grabbed the victim’s thigh, so that the victim had time to fight back.

Arriving at a soccer field, in Pabuaran Village, Gunung Sindur, Bogor, the victim then fled by jumping from a motorcycle and immediately asked local residents for help.

“The victim then screamed for help. Knowing the victim had fled, the perpetrator immediately fled so that the residents could not be chased,” he said.

Furthermore, said Sarly, residents reported to the local RW to contact the victim’s parents. At around 17.30 WIB, the victim’s parents picked up the victim to the location and took him home.

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On Tuesday (4/1/2022) at 09.00 WIB, the victim was taken to Permata Pamulang Hospital to receive treatment for the injuries suffered due to jumping from the perpetrator’s motorbike.

The victim suffered bruises on his right wrist, abrasions on his left shoulder, and abrasions on his left thigh.

A few days later, on Wednesday (5/1/2022) the victim and her parents went to the South Tangerang City P2TP2A office to consult on legal issues.

On Thursday (6/1/2022), the victim and her parents received a Child Psychological Consultation at the South Tangerang City P2TP2A Office.

Furthermore, today, Friday (14/1/2022) at around 03.00 WIB the police managed to arrest the perpetrator at his residence in Lengkong Wetan, Serpong, South Tangerang.

After being arrested, the perpetrator along with the evidence was secured at the South Tangerang Police.

“The evidence is in the form of CCTV footage at the crime scene, the motorbike used by the perpetrator to pick up the victim, as well as the shirt and pants used by the perpetrator when committing the crime,” said Sarly.

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