Column: USC's Kenan Christon puts on electric performance in win against Arizona


Find out what you’ll find.

Like a player faster than Reggie Bush.

Coach tCounty Clay I could do unveiled USC's next superstar.

Last year at 100 and 200 meters would be fast?

Only Kenan Christon was more than fast in his first college game.

He was electric. He was breathtaking. And as much from you hate to the burden of the 18-year-old true freshman with revenues, hello, scratch, jerk, jerk, jerk

Yeah, Bush.

In less than two quarters, Christon rushed for 103 yards in eight carries. (B). T

The instant Christon ranged from the helm, running backs coach Mike Jinks to Helton, Touchdown.

“He was right,” Helton said, “he was right,” he said.

Helton added: “He's even, he's leavin’. ”

But Christon played only because misfortune struck the players in front of him. Vavae Malepeai would be undergo knee surgery. In the second quarter against Arizona, Stephen Carr strained and hamstring. In the third, Markese Stepp sprained his ankle.

Next up was Quincy Jountti, Jountti lost a fumble on his first carry, prompting Helton to turn to Christon.

On the team, Christon 's talent was not a secret.

“He's just different,” said Kedon Slovis.

And when did Slovis realize that?

“The first day of practice,” he said.

Last year, a senior at Madison High in San Diego, Christon won the 100- and 200-meter races at the California track and field championships. He clocked 10.30 seconds in the 100 t

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Before that meet, Christon tattooed parts of his lower legs.

Christon, who is listed at 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds.

Wings on his or her legs. Christon obviously has it.

Asked, Christon replied, “Nope.”

Told that receiver Velus Jones Christ Christ was faster than him, Christon replied, “He knows now. He has to. ”

But Christon that that was shaken because of his place on the depth chart.

“It was a little tough,” he said. “Kind of broke my spirit at first.”

A conversation with Malepeai after training camp changed that.

Christon said. T And we are behind and now he is a starter. It got to me on the inside. I felt what he said.

So Christon waited.

Christon to be ready. T Was he ever.

“I always knew I had it in me,” Christon said. I got here. ”

Christon scored on only his fifth touch.

“You see it in time for time,” Slovis said. “But it is great.”

Christon deserves to play. T If anything, he should have sooner.

Christon could redshirt this season t

USC visits Colorado on Friday.

“With a lot of big role going to Colorado, better off Quincy Jountti,” Helton said.

Would not be. T

Trojan to be from a person, ”Helton said. . T

The soft-spoken Christon downplayed his individual accomplishments.

“I'm just happy that we won,” he said.

Outside the USC locker room.

“The inevitable comparators to Bush,” he said,

But Christon never appeared overwhelmed Saturday. . T This should be the last time.


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