Contact sports confirm their growth in Spain


Contact sports triumph in Spain. MMA, K1 Kick boxing, Muay Thai, Kung-fu, Full contact … more and more Spaniards become familiar with these terms, which are going to be incorporated in a dizzying way into the dictionary of contact sports, where boxing, judo, karate or taekwondo, all of them Olympians.

This boom in contact sports is confirmed by the fact that in just one year the number of centers in which this type of activity is practiced has grown from 127 to 494, accompanied by an increase in federal licenses by 200% .

All this pull translates into an increase in fighting and the number of professional fighters in our country. Thus, for example, the most striking took place recently in the Madrid town of Paracuellos del Jarama, during the evening of Fighter's Night, organized by the promoter Storm Promotions, created with the aim of offering high quality events and giving priority to sportsmen born or residents in Spain.

The event brought together more than 1,000 people, who enjoyed more than 6 hours of the best matches that can be seen in our country currently in the K1 Kick boxing discipline. The young national fighter Nacho Menen took the ISKA Intercontinental Championship with the French Johan Tkac, with extensive experience in major events such as GLORY. The Spaniard, who came to the appointment with 33 wins -9 of them by technical KO-, beat the points by unanimous decision.

At the same time, during the women's superfight in the K1 modality, the Sevillian Anta Sánchez defeated the Madrid Elena Goggin by KO in the first round. For his part, Samu Parra beat the points by unanimous decision to Víctor Omar from Madrid in the superfight K1 71 kg, like the Madrid Alex Pintor before the Ukrainian Illich Andrii in the superfight K1 72 kg. Finally, Antonio Campoy of Barcelona won by KO in the third round of Jonathan Fabian from Madrid in the superfight K1 64.5 kg.


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