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Counterpoint for vaccination with Sinopharm to minors – Radioinporte 3

Francisco Da Giau, Mini Vacuname representative, stated in dialogue with Chain 3 his outrage after it became known that Argentina would be the first country to apply the Sinopharm vaccine en masse to children under 18 years of age.

The organization made presentations in the Chamber of Deputies and Senators for what they consider a false argument to invite families to vaccinate children with Sinopharm.

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“From a note from the International Agency Associated Press, replicated by the most important media in the world, we learned that China is now beginning to vaccinate boys from 3 to 11 years old with Sinopharm. But Minister Vizzotti, on October 1, justified starting to do it in Argentina, because China “had already vaccinated 50 million children,” the statement reads.

As Da Giau explained to Chain 3, this information had been repeated in a webinar of the Argentine Society of Medical Pediatrics of that entity and government advisors, and a document signed by entities such as the Argentine Society of Immunology, the Argentine Society of Vaccination and Epidemiology, the Argentine Society of Medicine and the Fundación Hupedes.

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“The international media announced that in China they began to vaccinate minors in a massive way yesterday with this vaccine. If the data is exact, Argentina would have been the first country in the world where this vaccine was applied in a massive way,” he said.

“They told us that the vaccine did not have phase 3 approved, which is not that it opens a suspicion about the vaccine but simply that the corresponding steps would not have been completed at that time. It was then that Vizzotti argued with the data from China”, clarified the representative of Mini Vacuname.

From the NGO, they highlight that the Argentine Society of Pediatric Infectology recommends applying vaccines approved by the WHO and the FDA to minors. “Sinopharm does not meet any of those standards,” he noted.

“We are the ones who promoted the vaccination of adolescents when the only authorized vaccines were those of RNA and thanks to the pressure of Vacuname these arrived in Argentina. Now we want the RNA vaccine that already it has been approved in the world, which is Pfizer, “he concluded.

The word of the Argentine Society Pediatrics

The infectologist Ana Ceballos, from the Argentine Society of Pediatrics, explained to Chain 3 that Sinopharm is “a safe vaccine” and clarified that in China 50 million children were vaccinated in the framework of the phase 3 clinical trial, which also took place in the United Arab Emirates and El Salvador.

“It is an inactivated vaccine. There is an FDA study called clinical trial, where all studies of this type are recorded according to age groups and what effects it has. What is not yet is the final result, which is published when you publish phase 3.

“The safety data of this vaccine are good, there have been no problems and it is an inactivated vaccine, which are from the old vaccine platforms that we know are the ones that have the least adverse effects and also have the least immune response compared to the new ones, of RNA, “he explained.

He urged “trust the Anmat” and “build confidence in vaccines.” “There have been communication errors,” he sentenced.

“In addition, the US FDA approved Pfizer from the age of 5. The Anmat approved Sinopharm from the age of 3,” he concluded.

Interview with Miguel Clariá.


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