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Covid Violation Fine in Saudi: കീശകാലിയാകാതെ സൂക്ഷിച്ചോ! Failure to comply with Kovid regulations in Saudi Arabia carries a fine of up to Rs 2 lakh

Riyadh: The Saudi Interior Ministry has warned that it will impose heavy fines on private companies that fail to comply with the control measures imposed in the wake of the Kovid expansion. It is in this context that such violations are noticed. Institutions should make arrangements to strictly adhere to the code of conduct to be followed in each sector of the country. The ministry also clarified that it is the responsibility of the owners of the establishment to ensure that the people entering the premises comply with the code of conduct.

What are the restrictions on institutions?

The condition is that those who enter the commercial establishments should be admitted only after checking their body temperature and making sure that it is normal. For this, special staff should be assigned to the duty and the necessary equipment should be provided. At the same time, those who have not been vaccinated and those with Kovid disease should not be admitted to institutions. The system should be set up to check the mobile app and ensure both these things. Establishment owners should ensure that the required sanitizers are available to the customers visiting the establishments. We must also ensure that people meet all the criteria such as wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. In addition, equipment, shopping carts, and surfaces within the premises must be properly disinfected.

The fine ranges from 10,000 to 2 lakh riyals


Home Ministry officials have warned that companies violating any of these restrictions could face heavy fines. The fines range from 10,000 riyals to two lakh riyals. Penalties increase for repeated violations of the law. Small firms with up to five employees will be fined 10,000 riyals and medium-sized firms with six to 49 employees will be fined 20,000 riyals for the first time. Larger companies with 50 to 249 employees will be fined 50,000 riyals and companies with more than 249 employees will be fined up to one lakh riyals. However, the ministry warned that if the violation was repeated, the fine would be doubled to two lakh riyals and the company would have to close for six months.

The number of Kovid cases per day is over 5000


The number of Kovid cases per day in Saudi Arabia continues to exceed 5,000. On Thursday, Kovid confirmed 5499 new entrants. This is the highest rate ever. Of these, 1565 cases are in Riyadh. The number of new cases is 877 in Jeddah, 474 in Makkah, 239 in Madinah and 137 in Taif. On Thursday, two new people died of Kovid infection. More than 32,000 of the current Kovid active cases are being treated in various hospitals. Of these, 262 are in critical condition in the ICU. Kovid has already been diagnosed in 599,044 people in the country. Of these, 8,901 died of Kovid infection.


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