Cystic fibrosis drugs are listed on PBS



While the announcement was welcomed, some questioned the seven month delay between approval and listing.

Young girl with cystic fibrosis

Access to lumacaftor and ivacaftor will be extended to include patients aged 2-5 years.

Patients with the most common cystic fibrosis mutation (F508del) who are 12 years old and older will be able to access the changing life medication with a typist (sold as Symdeko) from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme ( PBS) from 1 December.

Meanwhile, lumacaftor and ivacaftor (sold as Orkambi) will also be extended to include patients between 2-5 years.

Chief Executive Nettie Burke, Cystic CEO, described the new listing as a 'great milestone' and said it would take an estimated 20 years for the lives of recipients.

Believe We believe that every Australian has the right to a healthy life and a regular life and long life, and that drugs such as Orkambi and Symdeko do so directly, 'Ms Burke said.

Tú You imagine, you have a young child who may be starting school shortly. If they do not have these types of drugs, they will not be able to go to the hospital and their life will be shorter.

'For adults, they can complete their education, they can get a job and work full-time, they can get married, have children, have sex, they can have sex. you know. This is a wonderful thing that brings these drugs.

Tezacaftor listing with ivacaftor saves up to $ 250,000 per year for each patient, and $ 40.30, or $ .6.50 now at each script for concession holders.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the list is expected to provide new or improved treatment options for up to 1400 patients.

Tábhachtach This is an important and important news for families. It's a great life for families and your patients, 'he said.

Sin This means real hope, quality of life, extended life and extraordinary outcome for wonderful patients of cystic fibrosis and their families.

However, Prime Minister Chris Bowen criticized the time taken to list a tezacaftor on the PBS, recommended by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Council (PBAC) in March.

‘While we welcome this announcement today, and get relief from the Cystic Fibrosis community, we note that the Minister spent seven months ignoring Australian pharmaceutical experts and Cystic Fibrosis patients,” he said.

'Instead of trying to cover himself with glory and congratulations to all enlistments, (Minister Hunt) should now proceed with the job of listing the other 60 remedies recommended by the PBAC and not listed currently.

Íochta The Pharmacy Benefits Scheme is an important safety requirement to ensure that all of Australia, regardless of its wealth, gets access to the world's best drugs. However, it relies on the Minister making the listing as recommended by the PPB. ’

Last week Medicines Australia criticized the length of time it takes to subscribe to the new PBS because of what the Chief Executive, Elizabeth de Somer said, that Miss Elizabeth de Somer was an overly bureaucratic approved process.

However, Chairman of the DAC, Andrew Wilson said newsgroup Australian approved times are comparable to other countries with similar health systems, while a source close to the CFP with Fairfax said that the majority of enlistment delays relate to price negotiations between manufacturers and the Government.

newsgroup I asked a copy of the 60 medicine that Mr said. Bowen was recommended by the PBAC but was not listed, but did not receive a reply before it was published.

Cystic Fibrosis PBAC Advisory Council for the Benefits of Pharmaceutical Benefits


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