DAB + as a duty: New cars in Germany must have digital radio in the future


The digital radio DAB + will be available in every new car in Germany in the future.

From December 21, 2020 radios in new vehicles as well as new stationary radios with displays need to enable the reception and playback of DAB +. That's what the Federal Council decided.

The digital radio DAB + is not uncontroversial despite technical advantages. Critics of DAB + believe, with the digitization of the broadcast one should set immediately on Internet Streaming. Proponents point to a greater variety of channels and better sound quality.

The DAB + advocates now hope in particular from the adopted car radio duty a big boost for digital radio. With the amendment of the Telecommunications Act, the German Legislative Council transposes European Union interoperability regulations for radio reception into national law. The Bundestag had previously adopted the bill on 17 October.

The Digital Minister of State at the Chancellor's Office, Dorothee Bär (CSU) emphasized that DAB + is now no longer able to pass legislation. "The amendment significantly accelerates the digitization of radio." This will improve the distribution and acceptance of DAB + throughout Germany.

Heike Raab (SPD), State Secretary at the State Chancellery of Rhineland-Palatinate, also welcomed the decision: "The quality and widespread distribution is convincing everywhere, even in the rural regions." With the now uniform nationwide regulations, listeners throughout Germany benefited more program selection and better sound. "Manufacturers, dealers and program providers have the necessary planning security for the conversion of their equipment portfolio."

According to official data, more than 260 different local and national programs are currently available in Germany via DAB +. The coverage thus reaches 98 percent of the area, the freeways are almost completely supplied. Currently, just under 7 million cars in Germany are equipped with DAB +.


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