Damages: Married husband dies after sex on a business trip – court finds it a work accident


The infidelity of a married man who had sex on a mission in February 2013 and died a short time later is considered a work accident by a French court. This is clear from a report in the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

The decision of the court means that the Paris railway company, where the man worked as an engineer, must pay high compensation to the family of the deceased. Wife and children should receive 80 percent of his monthly salary. And that until the man retired.

The man was sent by his employer for a job in the Loiret region, which is located in the center of France and south of Paris. In Meung-sur-Loiret, the engineer met a local woman. Shortly after the couple had enjoyed themselves in a hotel room, the man was found dead there. He died shortly after the act of a heart attack.

Employer is responsible for employees on business trips

The Paris firm tried several times to challenge the court verdict – to no avail. Despite the arguments of the company that the man did not die in a hotel room provided by the company and also betrayed his wife, the verdict remained.

In 2016, a French sub-court ruled that sexual acts such as showering or eating are rated. The judge was convinced that companies are responsible for their employees when they are sent on missions. It does not matter what the employee does at work in his spare time or during working hours.

The court judgment can only be challenged once more by the company if it can prove that the employee deliberately interrupted his business trip.

Source:"Daily Mail"


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