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Days Gone: a new mod for PC greatly increases the size of the hordes

Days Gone It was an exclusive title of PS4 until the version for PC just a few weeks ago. We already talked about this new version in our analysis and we commented that it is a great adaptation for computers. Since then, not a few users have experimented with all kinds of modifications to include new elements that the base game does not bring with it. The new mod from Days Gone Increase the size of the zombie hordes, which were already extensive and were a challenge for the player.

New Days Gone mod increases hordes to 600 enemies

The user Aigmir has been in charge of making and uploading the mod on the NexusMods page, known for hosting huge amounts of community-created mods. The modIn essence, it increases the number of enemies we have to face in the hordes. How much does it increase from the base game? The original unmodified title has rounds ranging from 50 to 500 of the so-called swarms. However, the new mod increases range to between 280 and 600 swarms, something that supposes a considerable increase in difficulty and a challenge that is not easy for Deacon, our protagonist.

These new massive waves of enemies have not been randomly distributed across the pitch. The mud comments that he wanted to keep the essence of the original game and the idea of Bend Studio from distribute the different hordes according to their size. Therefore, we can find different ascending levels of difficulty and number of enemies according to the area of ​​the map in which we are. The highest level comprises a horde of 670 swarms, exceeding the maximum number mentioned above since it is a boss time. If you are an experienced player and you have already done with the controls of Days GonePerhaps this new challenge may be of interest to you.


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