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A funny thing happened on the way to eliminate the other night: the Knicks gave you a nice little front for the solar phlexus. Hey, it can still happen. If you have root, you root. If you take care of you, you care. So, when the 15-point Saturday Hornets lead a Saturday 15-point at Madison Square Garden, running back to Carolina among the hailstorm of 3s, he felt that someone hung you in the shins.

Or, you know. Elsewhere.

So this one was there for those who woke up on Sunday morning and who deceived you that the Knitwear can mess with your deep REM sleep now and then. This was a gift from the basketball window, which had a lot of goodness in the Garden.

There was a lousy team on the other side of the floor (although Butch and Sundance had been defeated by a lousy team earlier to make the way eight days later, Mr. E. Harriman's train had decommissioned the day).

A lousy team was missing two main elements, Kevin Love and Larry Nance Jr, playing the second half of back-back.

A lonely team was spending some of the most awesome hits ever, Mark Price and Brad Daugherty were those torrents that date – and if you're not quite satisfied with Knicks' fans because the Knicks had a toy the Cavs in the good old days when they spent those nuns in the play (the children, look at that last word).

“Also,” said David Fizdale, “we played very well.” T

RJ Barrett (center) and the Knicks brought down the Cavaliers on Monday.
RJ Barrett (center) and the Knicks brought down the Cavaliers on Monday.Anthony J. Causi

They did. The Cavs were too turbulent and worried, poor John Beilein looked like a man to miss the funny depression of Ann Arbor, Mich.

The Knicks won 123-105, the highest point during the year, Julius Randle spilled in 30 points in 32 minutes, and they generally played well to keep the Knicks costumes, which is outside a microphone. post-match preparing a scalding pot of water to dump on Fizdale one.

“Tonight's success tonight,” said Frank Ntilikina, who had six points, that helps him with any turnover and offers one, and offered one of the most likely things he could be like. close – point. t

They all violated, and kept the Garden humming for the third direct game, and these are close to a winning streak through a game, and it is important to keep this in mind, and that's all in perspective, as that the other 10 games are extant as a song from hell: t

“The Series and the Americans and the Spurs… from my!

“Pacers and Celtics and Bucks… o ***!

“Blazers and Nuggets and Lets… .i. $ #% @! ”

You get the idea.

The thing that faces the Knicks is a potential bathing that they seek comfort at the new War house in San Francisco – odd sanctuary, in view of the range of fresh-hung banners at Chase Center, while the The team's heroes colors the next opportunity available to the Knicks to catch their breath.

“All of these things feel good,” Fizdale said, and he did so with the same room temperature ash who first defined his 96 game in the job.

His bosses, of course, left that there is a sense (and, perhaps, worse) that Fizdale was the person who must respond to something unsightly 5 -19 or 6-18 (or even worse) record.

“We are making consistent efforts,” said Fizdale, and although it is sometimes difficult to remember when the treadmill starts driving backwards, this is really true. It is clear that he began to find Randle, which is suddenly not very worrying that he has justified his contract and that he is more committed to showing why he has achieved it.

RJ Barrett, Knicks' most important asset, had another fine game filling the box's score (15 points, two stolen, two blocks). Fizdale made a smart maneuver and put Taj Gibson into the game few startup lineup, Damyean Dotson is earning more minutes.

There are reasons to feel better about the Knicks who are not involved in a gift folder that is sent in. It was a good night to remember that. It will be better to remember when the wood chipper starts by grinding Wednesday night in Philly.

For more information on the Knicks, listen to the latest episode of the “Big Apple Buckets” podcast:

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