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Derek Jeter's imperfections on the field have given energy to the sabermetric community for years, but he does not prevent him from achieving perfection over the next few months.

Former Captain Yankees, now Chief Executive of Marlins', led the new Hall of Fame candidates list, issued on Monday, on the American Baseball Writers Association ballot. There is no doubt that the All-Star warehouse will exceed the 75 per cent threshold required for the 2020 induction. The main suspension associated with Jeter is: Can the Central Capital Mariano Rivera, who did the history of last year to match when it got 425 of 425 votes, the 100 percent mark did not belong to (writers) with it since 1936?

Locally, due to the work of Ryan Thibodaux artists, it is often understood that Jeter's attempt to connect Rivera percentages is the main storyline of the Hall of Fame, and that we are enjoying these stories. @NotMrTibbs on Twitter, which keeps current scores as most voters publish their ballot (or share privately with Thibodaux).

Here are other stories to follow between this and the announcement about the writers' ballot, January 21, 2020 on the MLB Network:

1. Single flying? It is a real possibility that Jeter was the only candidate voted on the writers' ballot, since none of the people who were in their possession last year earned as much as 61 per cent and none of them was likely to go on. Jeter colleagues as a first year member; The former rookie may have evolved from the former 5 per cent required to be included in the 2021. million teammate teamman Jeter Bobby Abreu. However, he is likely to have a winner or two from the Committee. New Baseball, which announced its results on December 8. How about a Jeep fantasy and two captains Yankees, Don Mattingly and Thurman Munson, going into the Hall all at once?

2. Curt Reply? The main challenge is Mr Curt Schilling, who drew 60.9 per cent on the 2019 ballot and joins the eighth year of his consideration. Schilling creates some controversy for his baseball credentials, since his 216 regular season may look at a little light (they are not, not when you consider his ratio of strikes-to-walks and dominance of the season) t ), and a speech hurricane above it. it takes inflammatory, whether he wants journalists to become obsolete, mocking the transgender community or claiming that Adam Jones was outwitting the tale of racist well at Fenway Park. If he gets an entry, expect the hurricane Cooperstown.

3. The Soldiers Era Steroids. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, like Schilling, will consider their eighth year. Both are slowly climbing, steadily, Bonds from 36.2 per cent in 2013 to 59.1 per cent in 2019 and Clemens from 37.6 to 59.5 in the same time period. They must raise the pace, though not only slightly, to reach 75 percent by 2022. The main determinant? How many new voters – by virtue of 10 years to spend in BBWAA – take part in the mix and check the Bands and Clemens boxes compared to how many opponents miss their votes – by spending 10 years from baseball writing or falling sick or worse.

4. Goodbye, Larry? Only Larry Walker, the guy who met everywhere, is not only at Field Coors who are hitter friendly, facing his final shot on the writers' ballot. With 54.6 per cent in his ninth attempt, the fieldman needs to jump a lot to make it to Cooperstown.

5. Prize for Pettitte. With Jeter the only slam-dunk among new guests, and with four players (Rivera, Roy Halladay, Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina) last year's writers' ballot was deducted. jumping from the 9.9 per cent he collected in his first attempt. Omar Vizquel (42.8 per cent in 2019) should and should avail of this opportunity to obtain support from “Big Hall” voters who use all 10 allocated ballot slots. Manny Ramirez (22.8), Jeff Kent (18.1), Scott Rolen (17.2), Billy Wagner (16.7), Todd Helton (16.5), Gary Sheffield (13.6), Sammy Sosa (8.5) and Andruw Jones (7.5).

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