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Desert Bus 2021: The charity event has started!

The article should have appeared last night but following a technical maintenance, the ad could only see the light of day today on ConsoleFun.FR. However, it is never too late to relay information, especially for such a good cause: the ninth edition of the Desert Bus from L’Espoir, the annual charity marathon, started last night to collect donations for the association Little Princes which aims to make the dreams of sick children come true.

For those who do not know the famous Desert Bus, in short, it is abouta 60 hour live where several streamers take turns playing one of the most soporific games in the universe: Desert Bus, an empty bus driving simulation game on the deserted highway between Tucson and Las Vegas, originally released in 1995 on Mega-CD.

This year, a “warn-up“before the official event was done: if they wished, the streamers invited to the Desert Bus could collect donations for the charity marathon before it started. So it’s over 11 000 euros which could be collected before the hour! The event is supported by Donald Reignoux, the most fashionable voice actor of recent years (he played Peter Parker of the last films Spider Man, Titeuf from the eponymous animated series, Connor from Detroit : Become Human, etc.), and Carole Quintaine, content creator and journalist specializing in video games.

To participate in the charity event which will end tomorrow, Sunday 21 November 2021, we invite you to visit the official website desertbus.fr or join the adventure by watching the live broadcast on Twitch to the following address : desertbusfr – Twitch.


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