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Diet: ten healthy rules that will help you lose weight

1 we Avoid schemes that are too rigid – To lose weight in a lasting way, the diets too restrictive is counterproductive: better to lose weight gradually, although more slowly, without sacrifices, too intense, to whom it will be difficult to ensure continuity. Better to adopt healthy eating habits and sustainable in time, even to not trigger the inauspicious effect yoyo. If the pounds to lose are four or five, we can do it alone, but if we lose more, it is better to be followed by an expert.

2 Delete the food? Better to reduce the doses – A balanced diet should not deprive ourselves completely of a food group (and, consequently, of the nutrients that they contain). Better to eat a little bit of everything, perhaps in quantities controlled by alternating foods as much as possible.

3 it is wrong to weigh yourself every day – The weight undergoes fluctuations in physiological related to, for example, the amount of fluid retained, to the proper functioning of the intestine, or a thousand other factors. Best to avoid, therefore, weigh yourself every day: the fact that the needle of the balance for a day to slow down, or does not fall, everything is stressful, you may become discouraged and indirci more easily overdriven in the food plan. A couple of weigh-ins per week are more than enough to understand if we are on a good road

4 inch is the best balance – The tape, measuring the waistline is a clue crucial to the success of our diet. The circumference of the abdomen that is reduced is a valid indicator as the weight loss: indicates the loss of volume and above all the reduction of abdominal fat, a particularly dangerous to your health: your waist should not exceed 80 cm for women and 100 for men.

5 do Not eliminate all fats but choose the right ones Fats are not all the same. We try to limit those of animal origin, such as butter and those coming from red meat. The vegetable fats, for example extra virgin olive oil in moderate amounts, are useful to the organism and does not weigh on the line.

6 Vegetables, fruit with caution – Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients that we do not have and then makes us miss it. Yes to the five daily servings, but remember that the fruit is very rich in sugars and so you need to choose the less caloric (such as apples, strawberries, peaches, pineapple, and watermelon) and eaten in moderation. Vegetables, raw or cooked (with the exception of the fried, of course!) you can consume at will: no, only to the potatoes, that contain starchy foods.

7 do Not skip meals – The meals must be at least three per day, but it would be better to include two snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Skipping a meal or eating way too frugal, does not help us to lose weight, will lead you only to suffer hunger and make us to be crammed at once more so when finally we will get to the table. Best to stick to a regime and overall balanced, which will lead us to eat a little but a little more often to avoid acute crises of hunger, hard to control.

8 the value of the movement – Physical activity burns calories and helps us maintain the balance between the energy introduced with the food and that consumed by the movement. A walk of forty minutes at a brisk pace causes us to burn 250 calories: it is a good help in the daily budget. The call of the sloth: we have to make it every day.

9 Alcohol and spirits – Together with sweets are the only food to be cut drastically. Provide calories “empty”, that is lacking in nutrients, and more harmful to the liver and throughout the body.

A 10-Friend-water: two litres per day – The water is a great ally of our diet. There purifies, helps in the elimination of excess liquids and, since it fills the stomach without adding calories, helps us to try the sense of satiety. Then, if we are in the throes of an attack of nervous hunger, a cup of hot herbal tea will quench the “craving for food” and we will leave a good taste in your mouth that, at least in part, we award you.


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