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Difference between Headache and Dizziness: Symptoms and Causes

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

What’s the difference headache and dizzy? At first glance they seem the same, but they are actually different.

What is the difference?


“There is a clear difference between headaches and dizziness that leads to vertigo. Different conditions or diagnoses, treatment management is also different,” said Neurologist, Alvin Rahmawati to CNNIndonesia.com, some time ago.

He explained that headaches, migraines, and vertigo have specific differences that must be identified.

Alvin explained, headaches are divided into two, namely primary and secondary. Primary headaches are headaches with no known specific cause or undetermined cause. While secondary headaches are headaches due to other abnormalities in the head or neck such as infections and tumors.

There are several types of primary headaches, namely tension, migraine, and cluster headaches. Each type has different symptoms, as well as vertigo.

Headaches are the most common medical condition that many people experience.

FKUI internal medicine expert, Dr. Sukamto, said that headaches are subjective sensations. That is, each person will feel a different sensation when a headache.

“The reasons can be various, but we divide them into two namely, organic and non-organic,” said Sukamto when contacted by CNNIndonesia.com, some time ago.

“Organic, meaning something in the head hurts. Inside the head is the brain, the blood vessels, and down there are the sinuses. There could be a problem there.”

Meanwhile, non-organic causes are defined as the absence of significant problems with the head, but someone feels a headache.

“It’s non-organic if you check it [kondisi tubuh] everything is fine, there is no problem, there is also no problem in the head, but feels a headache,” said Sukamto.

According to Sukamto, non-organic causes tend to be triggered by psychological factors. There are so-called psychosomatic or stressful conditions that trigger symptoms of physical illness, mental health problems such as perceptual disturbances, anxiety, adjustment disorders, and conversion disorders.

Difference between Headache and Dizziness



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