Differentiated circulation renewed Monday in the Paris region


The differentiated traffic, set up because of an episode of pollution with ozone, was renewed for Monday in the Paris area, said Sunday the Paris police headquarters.

Already in place Sunday in Paris and his little crown, this measure that concerns the perimeter inside the loop formed by the A86 is "renewed for the day tomorrow (Monday)," tweeted the PP. "Only the vehicles Crit'Air 0, 1 and 2 will be able to circulate in Paris and in the agglomeration" between 05H30 and midnight.

This differentiated traffic, in other words reserved for certain categories of vehicles, was activated Sunday because of "hot weather and sunshine (…) favoring the increase of ozone concentrations," explained the prefecture Saturday.

The most polluting vehicles, such as gasoline cars registered before the end of 2005 and diesel cars registered before the end of 2010, will not be able to circulate.


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