Diplomatic cables: Trump will no longer have contact with the British ambassador


US President Donald Trump bitterly attacked British Prime Minister Theresa May, who was visibly furious over the latter's support for the British ambassador in Washington after the publication of his diplomatic cables.

"I am very critical of how the UK and Prime Minister Theresa May managed Brexit," Donald Trump tweeted, blaming her for the current "mess". "I told her how to proceed, but she decided to do it differently," he added, before attacking British ambassador to Washington Kim Darroch two days after the announcement. in the diplomatic cable press in which the British diplomat described him as "unstable" and "incompetent". and affirmed that the US administration was "diplomatically inept" and "unique in its dysfunction". Some of these cables date back to 2017 and should never have been revealed to the public.

"I do not know the ambassador, but he is neither loved nor well seen in the United States. We will not have any more contacts with him, "wrote the American president, before welcoming the fact that the United Kingdom will soon have a new Prime Minister. Theresa May on Monday condemned leaks "totally unacceptable" but also said to have "total confidence" in Kim Darroch, 65, arrived in Washington in January 2016, before the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election.

London is looking for the mole

The British government is looking for the mole. Leaked officials in the diplomatic cable press criticizing the US administration, revelations that embarrass London vis-à-vis its historical ally, with whom it wants to seal a post-Brexit free trade agreement. The Mail on Sunday Saturday night, the contents of memos and reports sent to London by British Ambassador to Washington Kim Darroch.

The government announced Sunday the opening of an investigation. Objective: to find the origin of these leaks, but also to understand their motivation, two weeks before the appointment of a new head of government in the United Kingdom. "We need to find out how this could have happened, at least to restore confidence to our teams around the world so that they continue to give us heartfelt assessments," said British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt. "There will be serious consequences if and when we find who is responsible," he promised.

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"Not patriotic"

International Trade Minister Liam Fox has called for judicial intervention. These leaks are "not professional, not ethical and not patriotic" because they can "lead to harm to the relationship" with the United States, said the minister known for his pro-American positions on BBC radio4. "It's not a problem with the ambassador, but an ethical problem with the individual who has leaked," he insisted while the europhobe and populist Nigel Farage, at the head of the party Brexit, tweeted that "the sooner" Kim Darroch "will be gone, the better it will be".

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Kim Darroch, 65, one of Britain's most experienced diplomats, arrived in Washington in January 2016, before Donald Trump's US presidential victory. On Sunday, Jeremy Hunt lent his support while stressing that his opinions were only about him. "The ambassador was doing his job as an ambassador, namely to give candid reports and personal opinions on what is happening in the country where he works, not the opinions of the British government, not mine. ".


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