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Do cell phones spy on us? | ELIMPARCIAL.COM

TIJUANA, BC.- It is a fact that technology gradually surpasses us, so we must keep updated on electronic devices such as the exchange of information through these and in that sense protect privacy, however, this is gone wasting over time and we are the reason.

Sometimes applications and / or cell phones activate voice recognition or patterns, obtained by your “personal assistant”, that is Google, Siri, Alexa or Cortana, said Nataly Medina Rodríguez, Electronic Cyber ​​Coordinator of Cetys University campus Tijuana.

“Do you really think that your“ personal assistant ”will listen to you through all your devices 24 hours a day, seven days a week? You are correct and it all starts from the moment we accept the terms and conditions when downloading a program or application, without realizing we give freedom to access our cell phone, ”he said.

Nataly Medina Rodríguez, Electronic Cyber ​​Coordinator of Cetys University campus Tijuana.

Under this explanation, yes you can be heard from the microphone always be active. “But one thing is that I am listening to you and another is that audios are being recorded, stored and analyzed.”

The teacher of CETYS explained that, when entering your email account on the computer and cell phone are linked. That is why what you do on some device is reflected on the other, this also happens when entering social networks. This is a marketing strategy and serves to offer personalized content to the user, according to tastes and preferences.

“It is similar to the cookies of the web pages, if one registers to an event or liked an article, they begin to appear commercial about these Why? Because our record was recorded in the search engine history. In fact, the pages with this kind of games that “predict your future” or tell you “how you will look in so many years” and that out of curiosity one decides to accept, at that time you are sending information to who knows who, “he said.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) 73.5% of the population is a cell phone user (enabled to make and receive calls or messages) and of these, 83.8% have a smartphone.

The CETYS expert recommended that you always have to be cautious with the information provided, both writing, recording and even image.

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