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Do they charge you a commission to pay for your card purchases? This you have to know – El Financiero

If when buying any product in any establishment they charged you a commission for paying with your debit or credit card, you should know that you can report it, according to the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office.

In order to stay competitive in your business model, commercial establishments have adopted collection tools such as point of sale terminals (POS) for payment by credit or debit card. The lack of these has rendered many obsolete.

However, POS terminals have become a disadvantage for the consumer because in some establishments they charge this between three and six percent commission o Discount Rate and is usually proportional to the value of the purchase, although it may vary according to the line of business and type of card, that is, they collect the rent that is paid to the bank for maintaining said tool.

Can I be charged a commission for paying with a credit or debit card?

According to the Condusef and Profeco, This practice, although it does not violate any law, is the way in which the business transfer commission that the bank charges you for using the POS service.

The financial institution prohibits to the merchants transfer the charge to the cardholder.

Antonio Rodriguez, Vice President of Relations and Dissemination of the Institute of Public Accountants of Nuevo León (ICPNL), mentioned that in this case there is a paradox in the economic system, because while, on the one hand, the tax authority encourages the use of electronic payment, on the other, this type of practice discourages it.

He added that although there is no law that prohibits these businesses from make additional charges, Doing so reflects the inability of the establishment or business to handle the administrative costs.

“As a company or business I am having a financial cost (with the POS). What I’m doing is passing the cost on to my clients, which is wrong.

“The client should not be charged because, as a company, what I am looking for is sell more, make all means of payment available to the client, if that brings me a cost, as a company I must be sufficiently capable of handling that cost and do not punish the client“he explained.

He added that “for fiscal reasons the authority is leading us to use more and more electronic media, but practice discourages the use of debit and credit card.

How to file a complaint about the collection of this commission

Profeco pointed out that if they charge you a commission for paying by card, you can file a complaint with the agency.

You can send an email to denunciasprofeco @prophecy.gob.mx, or dial the Consumer’s telephone number (Telcon) 555 568 8722, for Mexico City and the metropolitan area, or 800 4688722, from the interior of the Republic, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00: 00 hours.

You only need the data that appears on your ticket.

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