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Do you want to achieve a cinematic experience in your home? A sound bar helps you achieve it – La Voz del Norte

A truly cinematic viewing is not complete without a sound system capable of creating immersive and realistic audio experiences. With streaming services there are more and more options to enjoy movies, series and other content at home. YouTube, for its part, also does its thing. A high-level image and sound is able to make you feel like part of each scene and notice details that perhaps you did not perceive before.

Samsung’s Soundbar category has been ranked number one globally for 7 consecutive years. All of our bars and the technologies incorporated into them are tested by experts in sound innovation at the Samsung Sound Laboratory, located in California, to offer perfectly balanced and immersive audio and fully meet user expectations.”Explains Danilo Muza, Master Trainer of Audio and Televisions at Samsung Chile

Many movie theaters use up to 400 speakers, but there is good news to do so without leaving your home. With the Samsung Q950A soundbar, the flagship model of the Q 2021 series, and your TV with a QLED processor, you can also achieve a similar multidimensionality thanks to its True 11.1.4 channel speakers, which together with Dolby Atmos and DTS technology: X, they are a perfect match.

The last two technologies are present in all Q 2021 models (Q950A, Q900A, Q800A, Q700A and Q600A) that allow you to hear each sound with surprising realistic quality. For its part, the Q-Symphony innovation, exclusive to Samsung, guarantees perfect synchronization with your Samsung TV, creating immersive sound and a new level of acoustic immersion like you never imagined to achieve before.

Is the room very large, medium or small? For these soundbars that is not a problem. The SpaceFit Sound function calibrates the space to achieve a perfect synergy and adapt the sound perfectly to the dimensions and acoustic conditions of the place.

Did the protagonist say a phrase silently? The Soundbar Q Series offer adaptive sound for each scene and thus hear voices clearly even if the conversation is at low volume or, also all the power of an electronic music track without the need to equalize.

Bonus track: Do you like to play using your television?

All Q Series 2021 sound bars include Game Pro Mode, to enjoy a powerful and immersive gaming experience to feel inside each game and improve your experience, since, if you listen better, your gaming experience will undoubtedly improve.

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