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Does Google want to make two-factor authentication mandatory for everyone?

Several months ago, Google said it had started automatically activating two-factor authentication on a series of accounts identified according to certain criteria. Today, almost six months later, on the occasion of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, he publishes a new post on the subject on his official blog. We don’t know exactly how many users have been involved in the plan to release the new secure authentication method (called 2SV for short) so far, but according to what has been reported, 150 million more Google Accounts will be “enlisted” by the end of the year.

This will mean for many people that they will have to confirm their identity each time they attempt to access Mountain View services by pressing their smartphone or using a security key. These devices guarantee additional security, because BigG announces that it will not have provided more than 10,000 keys to subjects considered to be at high risk (in particular because of the profession exercised) until 2021. However, Google recognizes that two-way authentication factors, however simple it may be, may not be affordable for everyone, which is why it claims to strive to make the experience of accessing its services more convenient and linear, with the ultimate goal of s’ relying less and less on passwords. .

Until then, however, we’ll need some keywords and Google writes that soon, thanks to an update to its app for iOS, even Apple users will be able to automatically generate and fill in Chrome login credentials, even on other applications. On Android, however, the integrated password manager will be accessible directly from the menu of the Google app.


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