Domingo Germán watched a search for domestic violence


Star pitcher Yaningo Domingo Germán emerged from his luxury apartment building Yonkers Friday – the same day the shelves bombers sent him for the rest of the season among allegations of domestic violence.

Richard Harbus

The righty was born in the Dominican, 27, giving greeting to an unknown woman outside the building about 5 p.m. – shake his hand before the pair returned.

Germán did not take questions from a Job reporter.

Richard Harbus

Initially, Majorball League officials started the pitcher in early Thursday alleging that he mocked the Vega Sea girl on Monday – the same day the other couple and Yankees retired the Sabathia CC practicing sweater at Hudson Yards.

On Friday, sources told An Post that Germán would not return to the field for the rest of the season and that he would not re-enter the MLB game until his case was resolved.

Richard Harbus

No police report was filed, but officials learned about the spat on Tuesday and launched their own probe, which sources said.

Vega – the mother of two Germán's children – met with MLB investigators on Friday, but it is unclear whether she is co-operating, said sources.

Germán was at Yankee Stadium as well as MLB officials but do not know whether they met them.

Richard Harbus

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