Donald Trump judges Theresa May responsible for the "mess" of Brexit


"The good news is that the UK will soon have a new prime minister." Sure Twitter, US President Donald Trump peeps impatiently this Monday. Nothing is wrong with London and the resigning Prime Minister Theresa May, enrage the American president.

The US president attacked the British leader virulently on Monday, obviously furious with the support given by the latter to Kim Darroch, the British ambassador posted in Washington after the publication of diplomatic cables, unattractive it is true, in the Mail on Sunday.

"I am very critical of how the UK and Prime Minister Theresa May managed Brexit," Donald Trump tweeted, blaming her for the current "mess". "I told him how to proceed but decided to do it differently," he added.

"We will not have any more contacts with him"

"I do not know the ambassador, but he is neither loved nor well seen in the United States. We will not have any more contacts with him, "wrote the American president. Kim Darroch, in office since January 2016 – a year before the handover of power between Obama and Trump, judge the current tenant of the White House unstable and "incompetent". In letters that are a priori very confidential, he advises London to speak to him with "simple arguments, even a club".

Theresa May on Monday condemned leaks "totally unacceptable" but also stressed to have "total confidence" in the ambassador. Donald Trump did not appreciate.

"Johnson would do a great job"

The darling of the pro-Brexit, "Boris Johnson would do a very good job," had already ruled early June the US President during his official visit to the United Kingdom, while not depreciating his rival, the current head of diplomacy British Jeremy Hunt.

The name of the successor to Theresa May at the head of the Conservative Party, and as a result of the British government, will be known on July 23.


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