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A great thing to do – not to mention a good person – can be a complicated thing. Let's face it, most of them are pale compared to the original film. However, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are two who demonstrate how to make the second satisfactory chapter. Not only did they provide us with a sufficiently perfect sequence to DEADPOOL, there is now another zombie comedy that eats meat. ZOMBIELAND: TAP UNIT is the retention of the rare continuity that manages interesting things, without losing the original aim. It helps to bring back Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin – as director Ruben Fleischer – but the new film prompts us from Zoey Deutch (who is fantastic here) as well as Rosario Dawson, Thomas Middleditch and Luke Wilson. Hell, I saw the film twice, once in 4DX, and it was better the second time around.

Recently we were delighted to speak to both Rhett and Paul. The second conversation began, the collective energy was very clear. Both of these are very nice, and not surprising, very funny. During our discussions they discussed how things have changed since they first wanted to make a sequence after critical 2009 critical acclaim and the box office recommendation. They also discussed the future of DEADPOOL 3 following the merger of Disney / Fox, as well as their plans for the forthcoming major revision of CLUE. And of course, one of my favorite things in DOUBLE TAP is the wonderful material of Deutch, and Rhett and Paul put their own praise for its amazing performance. If you left the original ZOMBIELAND, I have no doubt that you will respond to this long awaited series which is currently playing in a theater near you.

Zombieland, Double Tap, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, comedy, Ruben Fleischer, Rehers Reese, Paul Wernick,, sequelHow much has changed since you first decided for a ZOMBIELAND sequence? When I spoke to Ruben Fleischer he mentioned a human servant.

Rhett Reese: We had bad people in the early drafts. We didn't think there were many zombies left of the stakes and so we organized human beings. I think he was unhappy for that particular film. And then we can put human villains moving forward. But it wasn't much enjoyable, but it didn't give us a chance to have so much fun. But, the story emerged a lot in different ways. So there are some things that are almost the same as the first draft that is still in the movie. And then there are many new innovations that occur during eight years of development, which happened.

My favorite thing is adding Madison.

Paul Wernick: It's the best!

RR: We soon saw hearings for that part and we were like, oh, oh, this, this. They are not just going to hell as if he is in the wrong hands. And then Zoey got it, and everything we expected was at that point. He immediately relieved our fear.

PW: She took what was on the page and raised her way that you really stole the film.

Honestly, guys, I think Marisa Tomei, MY COUSIN VINNY, is her performance here well. It's really… I think it's so good.

PW: From someone, she could die to hear that Jimmy was. These are nice words.

Tell me because I honestly understand the great work she has done.

RR: We will.

Now it is natural to see Woody, Jessie, Emma and Abigail come together again. Were you afraid that you were writing their discussion that they couldn't link as well as they did back then?

PW: Not really, because chemistry so great again. You saw it in the first one, right? And chemistry can not be written. It comes across. There is only interaction between actors and, and links they make to and from a set. And it's so big that the voices of these actors will be in our heads as we write. And such wonderful actors too; and wonderful people. And it's really a story about this family. It's more than about zombies who live in this world, it's about this family going on. We always say that extraordinary problems are common and unusual, you know. Like, yeah, this family has just lived together, not to mention the zombies who lurk around the corner. So, chemistry is so important and we were never afraid that they could not regain this.

Zombieland, Double Tap, Ruben Fleischer, Reese Rehers, Paul Wernick, Zoey Deutch, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, sequel, humorRuben also stated that the set had a great deal of improvement. How close were the people involved in the production? Do you ever land, ensuring that it suits the character and fits the story?

PW: Well, it all depends on the project. The first ZOMBIELAND we had there every day. On Double TAP, we are so busy that we weren't there every day. It was probably half the time they were shooting. And so the good news is that the characters are in the hands of those actors – and with Ruben – that they know the characters as well as we do. They know the voice. And then you know, the movements they would make and how they feel. So you know, it is amazing that I know that the world we created, we all created or were so defensive, that I think there was never any bad condition in terms of tone or interaction or what they would say or how they would say it. So they do everything because, because again, we are protected and we know this world all along.

It is extremely difficult to write a successful sequence, but you are doing well with this and, of course, THE DEADPOOL 2. What is your approach to worthwhile and worthwhile follow?

PW: Yeah, all the worry. It's just like my God, you take a movie that some people love him, you know, that is to say in some circles, and as Rhett says, when you make a movie that people connect with, right? Even more than it becomes us, because they have chosen to go and live there, so you want to do it right. And so, yes, the terror stimulates us. My concern is a man, we don't want people to feel that we let them down. And anyway, slave and slave and slave and we worry and write you, and you know, sleepless nights until we think that all the screws are secure and that it is just working for us. And we hope to move it on the screen.

Well, it's meant, again, it's hard to do so. How much, how often you go you see the sequence that you like, from, cool. It's JAWS THE REVENGE, you know?

RR: (Laughing) Well there are a number of chocolates, you know, ALIENS and GODFATHER 2, like the examples of chocolates that put a twig. We just think if we can escape with someone saying, you know, maybe it's not the first one, but it was still amazing. Like, you know, it's like we, we lived.

What about Thomas Middleditch and Luke Wilson? How did that happen?

RR: Well, the whole thing is parallel parallel and we felt like we were always trying from the earlier drafts to introduce a character which was a slightly larger version of alfa of Tallahassee. A person who is competitive with it. And then everything went in, well if you did the same thing with Columbus? But I think he was delighted at the end of discovering this brand new wrinkle with Jesse Eisenberg and Thomas Middleditch, which is just as competitive as they were… t

PW:… like a power society.

RR: Yeah, it's like they got each other as soldiers, you know, kind of male adolescents, people who have their soul. And when they introduced the wrinkles so he got the funny. Sure they are upping another bit with the rules, or at least comparing. But this is a competition that explored two people. It's like two people see on a date that they understand that they all have the same interests. So they both look at the same movies or any. And the humor is.

Zombieland, Double Tap, Luke Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Ruben Fleischer, Rehers Reese, Paul Wernick, sequel, humorWith DEADPOOL, you're facing a new challenge after the merger of Fox / Disney. Are there any concerns that you will not be able to keep an R-rate tone of the first two?

PW: I think the good news, I think, Marvel knows what they have in the property. There is a commitment to continue to explore DEADPOOL and its R-rate accuracy. And then the great news, that is a huge horror, you know, as you go along, that we are hoping to jump into the MCU's sandbox to give a little of their toys and the DEADPOOL into world. So it's a great new adventure that we all expect diving into. The time is the one issue in the sense that Ryan (Reynolds) is very busy, as it is, and then the other question is finding that right idea. Like ZOMBIELAND, we were not doing it if it's great, you know, or if we think we can do it amazing. So he is finding the right idea that. And, you know, we have a text chain that goes with Ryan in that, sometimes you go three in the morning if we wake up in the middle of the night. And I think we got the next idea for DEADPOOL just to wake up the next day and understand that it's a shit. We are always talking about opinions and when we look at something we all expect, I think it will be to the races pending schedule.

As you talk about playing in the MCU's sandbox, are there any other characters you would like to play with?

RR: Well, sadly I'm crying Chris Evans's event as I always wanted Captain America and Deadpool to be dealing with each other. But I think we must, by ourselves, look at how the Marvel Universe is shaking out and find the characters with good foil for Deadpool. Like, you know, we always liked characters who feel you would like to release them in a room with him, that they would be in immediate conflict with them because of his injurious, non-harmonious personality. Now, this could be related to anything, but the Marvel Universe is certainly full of those characters. And then also villains. Villains are much better at that side than Fox had in their stable. So that will be great when it comes to finding opponents.

I love it. I want a movie Loki, man. Loki series is not only.

RR: I mean Loki, it's amazing. And appearance, I think the Loki series could be great. Like, I dunno, we will see. I'm curious how these rows reached.

PW: Our designer clothing on ZOMBIELAND is working on that.

From wow. WOW. Well, I'm excited because it's a great character. I would love to see what you could do to see such a character.

CE: Yeah. Oh my God. It's so enjoyable to write.

RR: It was great to see Deadpool with such a character.

From my God, that would be wonderful. They are also likely to get.

RR: Yeah, probably not much framed.

And talking about rows, are there more stories to tell in ZOMBIELAND?

PW: Well, again, well, there are always stories to tell and, and it is a world we would love to revisit. It will depend on how this one does. We hope that the audience will respond to it as we had planned, and we do not have to spend another 10 years for the next one.

Zombieland, Double Tap, Zoey Deutch, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, zombie, comedy, sequel, Ruben Fleischer, Rett Reese, Paul WernickWas there something you wrote that you loved and didn't really put into a TAP TAP but wanted to do it?

RR: Well, that was one of the things I loved that it wasn't up to Bill Murray talking about Garfield 3, where the reporters were asking him how he worked with Sir Ben. Kingsley. Because Ben Kingsley played the evil dog catcher in Garfield 3 – you know, the imaginary Garfield 3 – and Bill Murray began to dishle a negative way under Ben Kingsley where he started talking about it. But then he began to get more acute with his lips as the various questions came to him and he began to say all these terrible things about Ben Kingsley. It was too long a runner to get it really, unfortunately. But a man who laughed me. I don't know why. It's just like this, this fancy personality for Ben Kingsley where he was a monster and it was fun.

Now I want to see Garfield 3's film with Bill Murray and Ben Kingsley (Laughing).

PW: Yeah, it is being developed.

You also have a CLUE you are working on. What is your approach to this? Will it be more comic like ZOMBIELAND and DEADPOOL? Or will there be a little more of a possible suspension approach?

RR: Well, I plan to have a suspension, and I hope it will be excellent, but most of our films are comedy at first, and we're very happy. So, we're sure we are dealing hard with the comic. It will be very fun.

PW: Jason Bateman joined us as a director and is co-starring Ryan.

RR: bets and gravitas will actually exist. When it may not be so big, it is wide, but one will die. So it will be true…

PW: Spoiler alert!

RR: Ultra. Yes. However, I feel that I think it is the hope that we have to do in verifying ZOMBIELAND and DEADPOOL in terms of his comic.

ZOMBIELAND: Double TAP is now in theaters.

Zombieland, Double Tap, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, Emma Stone, Ruben Fleischer, Rett Reese, Paul Wernick, zombie, comedy, sequence


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