Draft law of bioethics, work starts at the Assembly


"It's the five-year bill that best expresses the society we want to live in. The mission of the legislator appears in all its scope and responsibility. " It is with these words that Aurore Bergé justifies his personal will to bring the bill of bioethics. A majority figure with a well-known face on television sets, the Yvelines MP, La République en Marche (LREM) was appointed "whip", that is to say, responsible for the group on this text, and in particular the discipline among the deputies.

Bioethics, the six rapporteurs appointed by the National Assembly

Hitherto not very prolix public statements on these issues, she swears despite all have a long-standing interest in the philosophical and ethical issues posed by science. "Unlike other subjects, the more we learn about bioethics, the more we doubt. And I think that doubt is not a bad advisor in this area. It seems to me essential to be able to sometimes evolve on its positions ", argues Aurore Bergé. In this case, she herself was opposed to the PMA for all women at the time of the Marriage for All, while she is preparing to become one of the most media lawyers today.

Thirty to forty LREM deputies opposed to the extension of the PMA

From the beginning of the work of the special commission, Monday, August 26, the 32-year-old MP will aim to "To make emerge on each of the subjects, a position which is the majority majority possible within the group", even though she admits that the consensus will not be "Systematically conceivable". On the most controversial element, namely the extension of the PMA to all women, including single women, some thirty to forty LREM deputies would indeed be able to vote against, according to their first estimates.

Bioethics, the challenge of a "peaceful debate"

Dissent that is no problem, insists Aurore Bergé. In contrast to the general rules, voting discipline is not mandatory in areas related to ethics, as provided for in the LREM group's rules of procedure. However, the member for Yvelines considers that she "No fear of getting a majority to vote the text".

Hearings of representatives of cults and groups opposed to the extension of the PMA

Still, the sequence that opens promises to be particularly dense. Auditions are scheduled to last two weeks, from Tuesday, August 27 to Monday, September 9. This last day, Agnès Buzyn, Nicole Belloubet and Frédérique Vidal, respectively Minister of Health, Justice and Research, the three portfolios concerned, must come to speak before the special commission, before a general discussion with parliamentarians. The examination of the text in committee can then begin as early as 10 September, before arriving in the hemicycle scheduled for 23 September.

The audition series will start Tuesday, August 27, by the LGBT rights associations, favorable to the extension of the PMA, then the groups that oppose it as the Manif for all, Alliance Vita or the Catholic family associations . On Wednesday, August 28th, researchers, gynecologists, and Jean-François Delfraissy, the president of the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE).

PMA, the political bet of Emmanuel Macron

On Thursday, August 29 will be received among others representatives of cults such as Haim Korsia the Chief Rabbi of France, Mgr Pierre d'Ornellas, head of bioethics of the Conference of Bishops of France, Pastor François Clavairoly, President of the Protestant Federation of France, as well as a representative of the French Council of the Muslim Faith.

The provisional program of the second week of hearings foresees the coming of many researchers, experts in public law, scientists, health professionals including child psychiatrists, but also the rights defender Jacques Toubon and the national commission of information and information. freedoms (CNIL).

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