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Drop in sales due to vaccination card alerts unions | Companies | Business

After the announcement of President Iván Duque, on the requirement of the vaccination card with a complete scheme as of December 1, different sectors have expressed their concern regarding this measure to enter events of a public or private nature.

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This card will be required to enter bars, cinemas, discos, casinos, bingo halls, stadiums, churches, museums and amusement parks, among others.

According to Adriana Plata, executive president of Asobares, the government’s measure worries businessmen in the sector because they fear that sales are affected in the coming weeks, and also that there are altercations in the establishments at the time of requesting the vaccination card.

Likewise, the representative stressed that the union supports the measure adopted. However, the request of the businessmen is that the norm begins to govern in two weeks, so that the establishments have more time to adapt and that the citizens become aware of the “national order”.

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“The panorama of the sector was coming in ascending form. The measure of the card is not something that we reject, on the contrary it gives greater security to employers, because we are concerned about the health of our clients and workers. But we are also concerned that the measure will affect our sales during the first week of December, which is important for the sector. We ask the Government to give us two more weeks of adaptation ”, Silver said.

Another concern of the union is that clandestine parties are triggered and that establishments that remain illegal do not ask for the vaccination card.

For its part, the restaurant union, Acodres, has stated that, without a doubt, the measure will affect the sales of many establishments. What worries many businessmen who are accumulating debts and facing the rise in the prices of many raw materials.

Under this line, the union asks the Government to exempt restaurants from the measure of requesting the vaccination card with the complete scheme.

“What we confront is the coherence of the measure in the face of the economic reactivation. I remember that when the Pico y Cédula began to rule, we reported the impact. We hope that the Government will have the same consideration and just as they exempted us from requesting the cédulas it exempts us from requesting the vaccination card ”, said Guillermo Henrique Gómez Paris, president of Acodres.

The union representative also highlighted that restaurants continue to apply biosafety protocols. “We believe that the Government is doing what it has in its power to ensure greater vaccination coverage and that is fine, but not at the expense of the subsistence of businesses, we continue to apply biosafety protocols”added Gomez Paris.

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Other unions that have expressed concern about the measure is that of cinemas: Acocine.

According to Gustavo Palacio, director of the union, “The measure has the potential to affect precisely the commercial activities that in this time have had the greatest restrictions and affectations.” “The end of the year is certainly a very relevant period for the industry and if there is an impact on the income of spectators it would aggravate the difficult situation of the industry”, he pointed.

Although opinions have been divided, taking into account the economic effects that may occur in the different sectors, some entertainment and event entrepreneurs have stated that the measure is positive, since it generates tranquility among the public who wants to enjoy of concerts or shows this end of the year.

Andrés Chamorro, general manager of Chamorro City Hall, a company that holds events in Bogotá and Medellín, stated that this measure, instead of negatively affecting the sector, is a positive contribution, since “It motivates more people to go out and feel the security of attending events.”

“I am from the line that I prefer that people come with their complete vaccination schedule and feel safe at events. Of course I do see myself as financially affected, but I prefer to take care of the health of the attendees “said Chamorro.


The amusement park and attractions sector has also shown concern. According to Ángela Díaz Pinzón, executive director of Acolap, the union that represents them, the implementation of the measure has been “complex.”

“On average, sales last weekend fell 30%, which is disturbing because the high season is approaching and the measure is going to intensify”, he claimed.

Likewise, Díaz Pinzón stressed that the union understands the measure and is in talks with the Government to agree on medium terms that benefit the sector.


In accordance with Decree 1408, which seeks to require a complete vaccination card, compliance with the standard “It will be in charge of the owners, administrators or organizers of face-to-face events of a public or private nature that involve massive attendance and in those designated places.”

Likewise, the decree states that in case of non-compliance “The competent authorities will carry out the corresponding actions.”



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