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Dutch police intercept a couple who escaped from a Covid-19 quarantine hotel

The escape from the quarantine hotel is a man from Spain and a woman from Portugal. The arrest took place on a plane at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, shortly before it started flying to Spain.

It has already been reported that 13 people arrived in Amsterdam from South Africa last week with a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or omicron. A total of 61 Covid-19 passengers were found on the plane.

According to local media, the couple escaped from the hotel where the South African migrants are staying, but it is not known whether the escapees were among the passengers of the plane.

In the Netherlands, a partial ‘shame’ came into force on Sunday, restricting crowds and reducing the opening hours of public places. In the Netherlands, about 20,000 Covid-19 patients have died so far since the pandemic began.

Concerns about the prevalence of the omicron variety have led to travel restrictions in many countries.

A variant of omicron was identified by scientists in South Africa a few days ago and little is known about it. In particular, it is not clear whether it is more contagious, more likely to cause serious illness or more resistant to current Covid-19 vaccines. Meanwhile, many countries are in a hurry to act.

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