Eats a banana exposed at Art Basel Miami and sold for 105,000 euros


Aripe bananaglued to a wall with duct tape and sold by$ 120,000(more than 105,000 euros) was until a few hours ago the star work ofArt Basel Miami 2019. The conceptual work of art, entitled 'Comedian', by the controversial Italian artistMaurizio Cattelan, was exhibited in the international galleryPerrotin. This Saturday was devoured by an independent performance artist.

As a video shows on your Instagram account,David Datuna, who describes himself as an American artist of Georgian origin established inNew York, take the banana from the white wall, peel it and eat it in front of a crowd of curious people. He sees in him an "artistic performance" that he calls 'Hungry Artist', before being escorted out of sight for safety.

The most sensational thing is that, according to press sources, the three works of the series have been sold, although the gallery that represents Cattelan, the Parisian Perrotin, has not confirmed it. The local CBS channel, one of those who echoed Cattelan’s success, says the first two bananas sold for $ 120,000and the third for 150,000.

The damage is very relative, according to the gallery Emmanuel Perrotin, who sold 'Comedian'. "He didn't destroy the work, the banana is the idea ", said Director of Relations with Museums, Lucien Terras, in the newspaper 'Miami Herald'.

All the value lies in the certificate of authenticity, the fruit is expected to be replaced regularly instead of rotting. Also, after a quarter of an hour,a new banana was attached to the wall.

Cattelan, 59, achieved great international popularity in 1999 thanks to his work 'The nona prays'(Grandmother prays) in which the impact of a meteorite on a wax statue of thePope Juan Pablo IIand that was exhibited at Art Basel, in the Swiss city ofBasel, the first of these fairs.

Theft of the toilet

Thus the sculptor earned a name as a controversial artist. In 2016 he replaced a toiletGuggenheim Museum in New Yorkfor a fully functional replica of18 karat goldAvailable for public use.

Curiously, the work, which Cattelan titled 'America', was stolen on September 14 at an exhibition in the palace ofOxfordshire Blenheim(England), birthplace ofWiston Churchill.

Although the authorities made several arrests related to the case, at the moment, the stolen toilet has not been located.

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