Ecology: the surprising speech prepared by Donald Trump


The 2020 deadline in the viewfinder, the American president is preparing once again to prove that it does not lack air, and clean air, the purest in the world. According to reports from the Guardian, which draws on three sources, Donald Trump will give a daring, confident and proud speech on the benefits of his environmental policy. "The President will make a few remarks (on this issue, Ed) at the White House Monday night and highlight his administration's leadership on environmental issues and the leading role of the United States in the world. "

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The British media said that Donald Trump should insist on the quality of the air and water of his country, which he already boasted declaring to have the purest air in the world in the United States and he has improved since he was president. Whatever one thinks of the 45th President of the United States, from his original practice of diplomacy to his internal management, the audacity of such a speech seems undeniable as Donald Trump has for example questioned global warming, phenomena meteorological support. One of the first presidential acts was to withdraw his country from the Paris agreements fell, in three years of mandate, on 83 environmental measures implemented by the previous administrations, according to a count regularly updated on the site New York Times.

Clean the oceans

But even within his party, Donald Trump is caught up in ecology, the hobby horse of his future Democratic opponent, whoever he is, and potential crucial stake of the next elections. The planet becomes an important subject for the whole American political spectrum. But Donald Trump comes back from a distance, and probably does not want to come back too hard. According to Guardian, he could announce some efforts to clean the oceans of waste mainly from Asia, the opportunity to point the finger at China, more polluting than the United States and, therefore, the real problem. "Do not impoverish Americans by taxing carbon, but enrich Americans for better health and a better environment", should be the watchword of the speech, according to the Guardian. Donald Trump is also expected to announce a plan to safeguard the Everglades, the country's largest wetland, whose ecosystem is threatened by rising sea levels, coastal pollution, droughts and increasingly frequent storms.

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As reported by the British media, Donald Trump and his entourage are already moving heaven and earth to accept the opinion that the protection of the environment is part of its commitments and it intends to act in his own way. Last Wednesday, the White House sought support from groups across the country for the idea that Donald Trump is also a leader in ecology and that the United States is an example to follow. . The speech of green washing President will be given to the White House in the presence of important figures, such as Andrew Wheeler, who heads the Government Environmental Protection Agency and Mary Neumayr, the chair of the Council for Environmental Quality. The figures will still be a strong argument against the candidate Trump for anyone who will oppose it: after falling for years, greenhouse gas emissions increase since 2018 in the country …


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