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Édouard Philippe candidate as head of list at Le Havre

The suspense is now lifted. A few hours before a big meeting scheduled for this Friday evening in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), Édouard Philippe announced in Paris Normandie that he would be a candidate as head of the list in the port city. “I’ve made my decision. I matured it like any important decision“, He explained to the local newspaper. “Our citizens do not want above all political leaders above ground. I am happy to be able to face universal suffrage again and I think it is very healthyHe added, as if to respond to the disconnection lawsuit which is regularly heard by the executive.

Elected in this former left bastion for the first time in 2001, the Prime Minister ruled the city of 170,000 inhabitants between 2010 and 2017, when he was appointed to Matignon. If he wins the municipal elections next March 15 and 22 – as was the case in the first round in 2014 (52.04%) -, the head of government will also have to choose between his two terms, since the informal rule enacted since the previous five-year period consists of prohibiting any combination of a ministerial portfolio and the chairmanship of a local executive.

“I have never considered an engagement elsewhere”

If the President of the Republic continues to trust me, I will continue to fulfill my mission as Prime Minister because we do not shirk when it comes to serving our country“, He said. Clearly: he will let the municipal council choose a representative, and will propose the name of the current mayor (LR) Jean-Baptiste Gastinne. The latter would keep the wheelchair until the day when his “mission will end in Matignon“: He will then wish”Obviously becoming mayor again because that’s where he wants to continue investing” The Prime Minister does not, however, discuss the scenario in which he would be beaten, and the possible conclusions he could draw on the national level.

For a long time unclear about his real intentions for the election in March, Édouard Philippe confirms that “a lot“Many people have it”encouraged to study candidates in Bordeaux and Paris», Where the majority leaves divided and is likely to be beaten. “It was obviously flattering, but I never envisaged a political engagement elsewhere than in Le Havre. This is the city I love. This is where my ties are. It is the city where my political commitment was born and which I want to continue to transform. It is here and nowhere else that I want to confront universal suffrage

“I have no doubt that some will want to nationalize the ballot”

Interviewed by France Bleu Normandie, Edouard Philippe considered that the fact of “running for election is not old-fashioned politics” “It’s politics in its most noble“, He assured. “I was mayor of Le Havre. My ambition is to become mayor of Le Havre again. I just have a mission“, He assured, referring to his lease in Matignon. “I consider that I can become mayor again when my mission ends“, he added. “Prime Minister is an honor, it is a responsibility … And it is a moment. Who is destined to end“, He continued.

He then repeated two of the three conditions necessary for its maintenance, already exposed in Le Figaro in May 2019:president’s confidence“, the “support of the parliamentary majority” What was at the time “the will to do“However evolved in his speech, to be replaced by the formula:”As long as I’m comfortable with what we do” Does this shift open the door to a divergence with Emmanuel Macron? The question was not asked to the person concerned. “There is a strong mobilization against the pension reform here. (…) I have no doubt that some will want to nationalize the ballot. It’s not my goal, it’s not my ambition, it’s not what I want to do», He however dropped.


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