Electric cars do not save the climate


Dhe framework data are available. Starting next year, new cars can only emit an average of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer, equivalent to around four liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. By the year 2030, this value must fall by a further 37.5 percent. Because of adjustment calculations, the target can not yet be predicted accurately, the industry will have to land in areas around 60 to 70 grams, so between 2.5 and 3 liters of gasoline consumption. That is not possible, after all, what the engineers know so far. Politicians have set unrealistic targets in the heat of the climate debate, according to the industry and also from the FDP, whose transport spokesman Oliver Luksic says: "The limit values ​​are too strict." The industry, however, has nothing left but to them to orient, in case of transgression threatens penalties that can be life-threatening. Although many call for technology openness, in fact the course is set, there seems to be only one way out.

Holger Appel

Holger Appel

Editor in the business, responsible for "technology and engine".

It's got to be electric cars, purely battery-powered and plug-in hybrids that can be recharged at the socket, and that average in with a little or zero grams of CO2. Here the question arises whether this is justified. The production of an electric car causes more of what is commonly called greenhouse gas, in particular because of the energy-intensive production of the battery, as a car with an internal combustion engine. Decisive for the environmental balance is also how the electricity consumed is obtained. In Germany, relatively much comes from coal, which weighs on the balance sheet. A new study by the non-university research institute Joanneum Research from Graz in cooperation with the automobile club ADAC now fuels doubts whether the focus on the electric car makes sense.

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