Elliott: Utah ends a UCLArade short masquerade as a winner


The conclusion is unpredictable, having seen a 49-3 infected UTI at Utah smooth and powerful on Saturday night at Rice-Eccles Stadium, than that the Bruins we thought were when they were 1-5 early in October, before winning three consecutive games and put themselves into the conversation about the PAC-12 South title League competitors.

They are not ready for the main time, not ready to win the division, not being able to take their opponent and find a way. Addressing the biggest challenge of its season against the No. 7 Utes the Bruins failed to sad, giving up 49 points in a row and offering a little resistance.

This was a backward step for Bruins, although the coach Chip Kelly claimed that he leaves others to measure progress. But Dorian Thompson-Robinson, who did not pass a passport for the first time this season, believed that Bruins had not made the gains during that strike.

“I think it's the best thing for me and the rest of the leaders to choose the men. Many of our men had their minds on the PAC-12 championship after this week and I think it was really, we were looking far too long instead of focusing on the task in hand, ”said it. “So now I think it's very encouraging for the team and so now we can be locked and ready for SC,” next week in the Coliseum.

Lokeni Toailoa's back-liner also had a sense that the players were looking for Saturday's game and the USU game.

“I don't know we had to stay today, there was Utah,” he said, “and we didn't seem to have done that good job tonight.”

Without your play.

Thompson-Robinson broke twice on the open possession of Bruins and Bruins had to arrange for a field goal, the first time they had a reasonable pitch but didn't score.

“You have to get seven against such teams. You can't trade for seven, ”said Kelly.

Subsequently, the team had an average 37 points per game in conference play and scored 31 points or more in four consecutive games held without a score for the final 51 minutes 55 seconds. Thompson-Robinson was replaced by Austin Burton's sophomore in the fourth quarter, but Burton did not succeed better than Thompson-Robinson and went through and out in his first series.

The offense was the basis for a striking three-way UCLA match, among the signs that it was as productive as a handful of Oregon Kelly. They had an average of 478 yards in six previous games after an average of 263.3 in the first three. On Saturday, the offense dissolved that an ugly, false blot, taking his time to cause some time after he had a profound influence in the territory of Utah and 269 yards in total.

Joshua Kelley, who had more than 100 yards in his three previous games, was held to 78 yards in 19 who carry. The Bruins, which had 200 yards rushing or more in five consecutive matches, were held to 50 yards retreating with Utah's effective defense effort.

Highlights from Utah's victory over UCLA Saturday.

Thompson-Robinson broke twice and intercepted two phases, going back to the bad days at the start of Bruins hostels. He was broken five times on Saturday and was less than 26 yards, and he finished 20 out of 36 passes for 219 yards.

“I think the whole, the offense, I don't think we were clicking tonight,” he said.

The Utes gave more pressure than other teams in front of Bruins, Thompson-Robinson said, and put the pressure into action when they did well.

“They're just a hard physical team,” said Thompson-Robinson, “and as I said before, they put the house a few times and put pressure on my face, so it was difficult to put the ball on. out soon. But I think again, it all comes to us and how many mistakes we had on the ball. ”

The Utes offense, led by rod rod rod Zack Moss M and 73 yards repeatedly got repeatedly, tackled several times with people who tackled it and found significant holes in the UCLA envelope for large-yard plays .

Meanwhile, the 83-yard play from Tyler Huntley with Samson Nacua with 9:39 left in the fourth quarter, nothing in terms of the outcome – resulted in the run and the additional point padded Utah, 42-3 – but gave It was a snapshot of everything that went so wrong for the Bruins (4-6, 4-3 in Pac-12 play) on a night they might have been erected, but instead they showed how big and they have to deal with seniority in the division or conference.

Once again the team were in bloom, under the talent they had at the beginning of the season. Everything went wrong could be wrong, although Kelly admitted that his team was responsible for a lot of things that went wrong.

“We control how we play, so the gods are not football or anything like that,” he said.

“We didn't play well against a very good football team.”

Did not, did not. They were not close to Utah's threat. They were at the beginning of this season, and it's not good for a team that needs to see growth and progress as much as necessary.


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