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Elon Musk’s five disturbing predictions about the future

The Elon Musk prophecies they always end up sneaking into the headlines of various headlines. They may be more accurate or, on the contrary, more in line with science fiction. His latest predictions have taken place in an interview he offered at the Code Conference Vox Media. This annual conference brings together the most exclusive names in the business world, such as executive leaders or entrepreneurs, to debate certain aspects such as the role of technology in our new reality and the inflection point that is occurring today.

“Unstoppable” cryptocurrencies

Although central banks or world entities insist on analyzing the benefits or damages caused by cryptocurrencies, Musk assures that it will be impossible to stop its growth. In his own words, it is not impossible to carry out an exhaustive control on these digital currencies, but rather that your progress can be slowed down. In the event that the competent administrations, such as governments or international financial entities, the only thing that would produce in the words of the CEO of Tesla is “to reduce errors and their latency in the current monetary system.”

Psychotropic drugs

Like the late late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Elon is not going to change his position on drug use. Having starred in an interview smoking a marijuana cigarette to defend its legalization recently, the drugs on which the founder of SpaceX has opined this time go a step further. According to the South African-born, a turning point is happening in society about psychotropic drugs with a more open-minded vision.

As the younger generations begin to relieve their predecessors in high political office, the regulation of drugs is going to be legislated differently. “Many of the people who are currently making the laws are from a different era.”Musk details. As he confessed in 2018, he himself takes a designer drug called Ambien, which can cause a multitude of side effects.

Starlink, a turning point

Elon Musk, along with electric cars, owes its reputed position to being the founder of Starlink. This project, which was born three years ago with the aim of creating an Internet connection network via satellite that reaches all corners of the planet, aims to lower the costs of this wireless infrastructure. According to his own words to be “designed to serve the poorest”will have an equalizing effect, taking the network to inhospitable and inaccessible corners for $ 99 a month.

A “serious problem” with energy

Even though Musk sees him as a “future problem”, is already in fact a reality and will continue to worsen in the coming years. This is due to the fact that the current energy production system is obsolete and does not have sufficient capacity to respond to the ever-increasing demand. Despite the current energy transition to green energy, this technological development will be insufficient to absorb the unstoppable digitization.

A future with robots

The founder of Tesla predicts the arrival of robots in our society. These will have human appearance being bipedal, but they will be infinitely more intelligent than us by being interconnected with each other. In his own words, Musk has not been directly involved in its manufacture or development, since “He doesn’t want to materialize a future like the Terminator movies”. Even though he regards his arrival as “something unavoidable”, he himself has confessed that he’s already working on his own humanoid and that he will do “everything possible” to avoid such a dystopian future.


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