Encourages drive on meth & # 39; The South Dakota ridicule, confused


They really seem really hed this one.

South Dakota on Monday launched a methamphetamine prevention campaign nearly half a million dollars – a destination motto. OnMeth.com is the website of anti-drugs and the logo is an outline of Mount Rushmore State with the phrase: “Meth. We are him. ”

As part of the TV advertisements, advertising programs and posters about the South Dakota epidemic, people from all demographics are saying, “I'm on meth.”

The State Social Services Department paid a marketing agency and Minneapolis ad, Broadhead Co., nearly $ 449,000 to create the campaign, according to Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

The motto appeared to have contradictory that some people left confusing and inspired others.

“What did the agency spend smoking when they took up this campaign?” I asked on Twitter @TaraLynnSaid to use it.

Write someone else: “I love parody news, but this is really true! No one involved had done this very badly? ”

“NO! South Dakota is NOT a meth. They run an ad campaign without thinking well though!, ” @Romanknitter tried to clarify.

In a video message announced the campaign, Gov. explained. Kristi Noem has the meaning of the tag as “All of us, no matter who we are, are the case of meth.”

“This campaign will be about solutions and hope and how each individual in South Dakota can have a partnership with being on meth,” Noem said.

“We are protecting our family, we are protecting our friends from this epidemic that we see and that we will all take some responsibility to fight it.”

The state budget includes $ 1 million for meth treatment services and more than $ 730,000 for school-based preventive programs, the Leader Argus reported.



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