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Epic Games: Fortnite to withdraw from China – LINFO.re

Beijing recently introduced a drastic limit on the use of video games. The publisher of the Fortnite video game has announced that it will be pulling out of China.

Three hours a week

Communist power in China is showing itself more and more severe concerning the digital sector. Authorities imposed a drastic limit of 3 hours of play per week for those under 18 in August. Some players could, however, spend days in front of their screens. Thereby, Epic Games, the American publisher of Fortnite will permanently shut down the Chinese version of the game, reports South West.

November 15

Fortnite brings together millions of online followers around the world. Like so many other video games, it is strongly criticized for its addictive side among young people.
In a press release, Epic Games announced that officials will shut down the game’s servers on November 15 at 11 a.m., and players in China will no longer be able to connect. In addition, the game no longer accepts new users in this country since Monday.

Chinese players reacted

With more than 350 million users, Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world. The announcement of this decision aroused the emotion of Chinese players. “It’s very unexpected“, “I cry all the tears in my body. I’m playing with my boyfriend and couldn’t wait to see what came next“, they, among others, wrote on Welbo. A petition is circulating on social networks so thatEpic Games allows Chinese players to transfer their game data out of China.

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