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ERGO supports “Austria helps Austria” with 90,000 euros


VIENNA (OTS) – goal of “[Österreich hilft Österreich]
(https://spenden.helfen.at/) “- a joint initiative of the ORF and the leading aid organizations Caritas, Diakonie, Hilfswerk, Red Cross, Volkshilfe and Samariterbund – is to help those people who are in are in an emergency, to secure them through donations and to support them financially.

“The basic idea of ​​the insurance industry is to protect people and to support them financially. We therefore take our responsibility seriously and help those who are particularly affected by the pandemic, ”said Dr. Philipp Wassenberg, CEO of ERGO Versicherung AG, on the motivation for the fundraising campaign.

ERGO Versicherung therefore donated ten euros to “Österreich helps Austria” for every life, accident and special class after accident insurance with regular premiums taken out during the campaign period – the total support amounts to 90,000 euros. This amount made a significant contribution to the fact that all aid organizations involved can implement their projects in all Austrian federal states. “The fundraising campaign was a win-win situation for our customers too: They had no additional costs and could do something good with their provision at the same time – for themselves, but also for society,” concluded Wassenberg.

The support contribution from ERGO Versicherung flows into various projects of the aid organizations involved:

Anna Parr, Secretary General of Caritas Austria: “Austria helps Austria” is a strong and important sign of solidarity in action. The initiative shows that people stick together and are there for one another. And that there is help, big and small, that give courage and hope to people in need. Caritas thanks ERGO and the many ERGO customers for their important contribution. Thanks to the great solidarity, we were able to support numerous clients in the Caritas social counseling centers throughout Austria quickly and unbureaucratically. ”

“The aid organization thanks ERGO Versicherung for their generous support. She made a valuable contribution to the fact that the relief organization was able to support family carers in an extremely difficult life situation in an uncomplicated, quick and effective manner, ”said Deputy Managing Director Roland Wallner.

Peter Kaiser, Deputy Secretary General of the Austrian Red Cross: “The social consequences of the Corona crisis will be with us over the next few years. Education is one of the most effective tools against poverty and unemployment. That is why we will use donations that the Red Cross receives through the ‘Austria helps Austria’ campaign to expand our learning opportunities for children and young people. In this way we help children so that they do not lose touch at school due to pandemics and homeschooling. Thanks to ERGO Versicherung for the important support! ”

“Thank you for the generous donation from ERGO Versicherung. It is a valuable contribution to alleviating the effects of the pandemic a little – especially for people at risk of poverty and the sick. The Samaritan Association supports people affected by poverty with several initiatives such as For example the Samariterbund charity foundation ‘Fürs Leben’, which enables seriously ill children to receive therapies, the costs of which are not covered by the health insurance A ray of hope and a ray of hope. Many suffer enormously from loneliness and contact restrictions. We have to think carefully about what we would like to give to future generations, “says Samariterbund managing director Wolfgang Dihanits thanks for the support.

“Volkshilfe can provide sustainable support to children affected by poverty through Austria helps Austria. The increasing number of applications shows that this support is more important than ever, ”adds Erich Fenninger, Director of Volkshilfe Austria.

“The corona crisis makes the child’s soul sick. Headaches, difficulty falling asleep, depression and eating disorders increase. Many children and young people have been under great psychological pressure for many months. This is where the Diakonie helps, this is where “Austria helps Austria”, says Diakonie director, Maria Katharina Moser.

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