Ex-ambassador raises serious allegations against Trump


Former US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovyanovitch, on her way to her testimony in the responsible committee of the House of Representatives in Washington.
Picture: Reuters

Marie Yovanovitch speaks of a campaign that the US President would have launched against her – and warns of the danger of bypassing professional diplomats for "private interests".

BIn the wake of a possible abuse of power by US President Donald Trump, the former US Ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, has blamed the head of state. Yovanovitch alleged that in a statement released on various media outlets on Friday, Yovanovitch told the president that he had been forced out of the post in Kiev on false charges. A member of the State Department told her that a campaign had been launched against her. Trump had insisted since mid-2018 that they would be withdrawn. It was said in the Ministry that she had made no mistakes.

Yovanovitch was interviewed behind closed doors on Friday by a committee of the House of Representatives. The opposition Democrats want to investigate whether they should initiate impeachment Trump. The background is a Trump telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj last June. Trump had Selenskyj encouraged to initiate investigations against Joe Biden and his son Hunter for alleged involvement in corruption. Democrat Biden has the best chance of becoming Trump's challenger in the presidential election next year. The Democrats suspect that Trump wanted to obtain material that he could use in the election campaign against Biden.

Yovanovitch was concerned about the development of American diplomacy under Trump. She warned against "private interests" for which professional diplomats would be bypassed. The Trump's Trustee, Rudy Giuliani, had accused Yovanovitch of hindering attempts to move Ukrainians to investigate Biden.



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