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During the summer, my mother and I went to Moab, Utah, to explore the national parks in the area.

After a long flight, we arrived in a small airport in Moab, where we had a 114 degree brutal pressure; brutal compared to the 80 degrees in New York only. After they check into the hotel, we went straight on to the park. Arches National Park is full of spectacular rock structures created from thousands of years of wind erosion. You stand in the park, you are likely an ant compared to the huge stone monuments Mother Nature are carved. The colors vary from light orange to dark, vibrant red.

Park Avenue was the first route we took, a moderate track about a mile long. The path was not around in a circle, so if you wanted to return to where you started, the hike would come two miles. We decided to make only one thousand. The track began with roughly carved steps from the stone that went deeper into the valley. The path itself was about four feet wide and desert plants. The track between two large sandstone slabs creates a beautiful skyline, especially at sunset. The park has a clever route to keep guests on the footpath and away from the fragile ecosystems that are mitigating from the path. If it looks like the track may change, they put a small stack of rocks on the line ahead. This always became convenient for me. At the beginning of the path, there are a group of magnificent sandstone towers called the Three Gossips.

The Windows was the last, and maybe my favorite trip was. The Windows are huge arches about 90 feet wide and 48 feet high. We took the difficult path around the arches that changed most upwards. The hike started with an incline and plenty of desert labore around it. It was mostly dirt, but Park Avenue paths were stones. At one point, we wanted to climb a very steep section of stone about six feet high. After we set it up, the view was ahead of them. I climbed towards the edge of the cliff where it descends into the huge wilderness that stretches out for a mile and a mile eventually. We then managed for a few minutes looking at the scene. We finished the hike where we started, just in front of the North Window.

My trip to Utah was unique and exciting. I am so grateful that my mum and I could go and experience the wonders of Arches National Park.

Information: www.nps.gov/arch/index.htm

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