Faced with social anger, Macron mobilizes his troops


A year has passed. But time seems suspended. The day of Emmanuel Macron in La Marne, to honor the fighters of the 1914-1918 war, then to be displayed as close to local elected officials, has a scent of déjà-vu: that of his "roaming" of November 2018, in the East and North, where we have seen the yellow vests. It is always a question of appeasing anger. Hakes and expressions of concern testify to this. "Even if Macron does not want us, we're here! Some hum. Less than this new movement, it is a social crisis, categorical this time, that the president is facing today. "They begin to flip," observes a familiar power, while the universities rise after the immolation of a student last Friday in Lyon. "A terrible act," Macron breathes.

The banners "angry emergencies" recall him on the facade of the hospital: before the great strike of the railroad workers on December 5, the white coats are in the street. Not those of Epernay. Due to the presidential visit, demonstrations were banned here, as in ten neighboring communes. The city center is under a bell. The head of state, who knows how eruptive the subject is, however, is forced to shake his program to announce a "consequent emergency plan" for the hospital, which Philippe Philippe will deliver details next Wednesday.

The opportunity, too, to say that he does not believe in a "coagulation of struggles". "I distinguish subjects. Or again: "The situations are very different. The multiple points of tension, the executive intends to treat them one by one. "You have to take things sequentially," recommends the Elysée. And ban any delay at startup.

"You have to be the most flexible, the most open, possible"

"Nobody saw the Yellow Vests coming. There is the duty not to be surprised, "reports a ministerial advisor. The Minister of Higher Education, Frédérique Vidal, being on the move in the Antarctic, Gabriel Attal was thus requested, as early as Tuesday by Matignon, to go up to the front in the universities. Station also to the hecklers. Setpoint was passed in the ministries, after the solitary escapes of Jean-Paul Delevoye or Agnès Buzyn: "Check well, before the media outlets that the subjects were arbitrated and what arbitration was made," retains a counselor.

In this troubled period, "the right in his boots" to Juppé is anti-model. As proof, the roundness with which Macron has said since Epernay, his "consideration to the caregiver", insisting: "I heard their anger and indignation. According to our information, the message was passed on Wednesday evening, at a meeting bringing together government communicators. "They expect a very hectic month of December. When we are at the heart of the crisis, we always appear steeper. So, before, we must be the most flexible, the most open, possible, "says a participant. Another sums up the recommendation: "No stiffness before stiffness! "

Everyone is summoned to do it. Certainly, the president endorses the chief deminer's suit at Epernay. But one of his relatives remembers, to be sure, that "there is not only one man, but a government, a party, parliamentarians". Way to not leave the president alone in the front line. Macron himself said, in answering elected officials on property taxes: "Bibi, he has already taken enough. "


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