Fahrbericht Birò of Estrima: Probably the smallest electric car


NNot all are impressed. Comments were made in the editorial office, such as "ambulance chair" and "shoe box", when the small electric car from Italy was at the door. Others found it "cool" and raised their fingers. In any case, everyone had never seen such a small electric car. Renault's Twizy looks almost massive against it. Strictly speaking, the Birò is not even a car.

Marco Dettweiler

Because he only drives 45 km / h and his engine has a maximum power of 3.3 kilowatts, the moped driving license. For almost the right car, the Birò is only in the version Bolt. Then he drives up to 60 km / h with the same engine power. We went with the variants Winter (with two doors) and Big (with a small boot), which the Austrian sales department from Kitzbühel provided. The manufacturer Estrima is located in Italy.

Who climbs in November as a bicycle or scooter driver in the Birò, feels first comfortable. You have a roof over your head against the rain, no headwind on the face and stance on the greasy road surface. Because the Birò has no heating, the jacket stays on here as well. But it is still more comfortable than on a bike. Anyone sitting down as a motorist feels restricted. At the latest when a passenger sits next to it, one or the other should get claustrophobia. Only the windshield is heated, a feeble shifter for forward and backward, the steering wheel is not centered on the driver, the handbrake creaks as in the tractor and the headrest comes from above.

Finding a parking space is never a problem.


It starts. The car key is a check card that you hold to the windshield, as in car sharing, so that the door can be opened. As in the hotel room, all the important lights go on, after which the card is inserted into the slot to the left of the steering wheel. The Birò shows how full the battery is and how many kilometers were driven. Buckle up with the three-point belt, shift lever forward and accelerate.

By the way, that gets tiring over time. Because the legs are at a right angle, so does the foot, so that always the whole leg is in motion. In the fall, after just a few meters, the heated windscreen is indispensable. Like glasses on entering the pub, the front fogs up pretty quickly, especially when the driver adds humidity. Since the windshield is practically in front of the nose, the fitting can be wiped away quickly before the heating effect, which makes it quite fast way, by the way.

Once the view is clear, it is surprisingly good in the Birò, because you have almost only disk around. This is urgently needed to observe the traffic very closely, because there is always the fear that a car rushes into the Birò. With almost no existing crumple zone, the risk of injury is significantly higher than in real cars. Anyone who is used to cycling or scooter riding feels more secure because at least something protects their own bodies from the metal of others.

From 0 to 50 km / h in …

It can even be fun to heat the city with the Birò. With only 45 km / h? Yes, because he drives like a go-kart, the steering response is direct, but spongy, the speed is much faster than it really is. That's why you hardly dare to accelerate to 60 km / h with the Bolt variant, it feels like 100. Incidentally, you hardly get on the top speed. Even with the strong Birò it rarely happened that the needle approached the 50's. It takes more than 20 seconds to reach the maximum speed limit in localities. Unless you press the boost button, which saves a few seconds. But in the morning and evening, not only in Frankfurt traffic jams and traffic lights ensure that the foot can not move so long towards the bottom plate.

Nevertheless, a Birò driver must be undaunted. If it drives at (relatively) high speed over uneven road surfaces or crossing tram rails, it rumbles and pumps, the Birò leaves a bit the track and the driver the seat. But this driving experience is attractive to some. Curves are sometimes taken a bit faster to change direction in a Carrera-Bahn. When turning annoying that the turn signal terribly beeps and must be turned off manually.

By the way, after 50 kilometers the fun is over, then the Birò needs new energy. The bill – drivers with 90 kilograms can drive at single-digit temperatures with ten percent of the battery about five kilometers – was almost always on. The battery with a capacity of around five kilowatt hours is charged in just over four hours. What is annoying: The charging cable is very short, usually you need an extension cable to reach the next outlet. For 100 kilometers, the Birò consumes about ten kilowatt hours, making about 2.70 euros for two loads.

The author liked the Birò very much. Especially while looking for a parking space, the little one plays out his strengths. Rarely, a gap is too small, because the vehicle – in contrast to the Smart – can stand in this ninety degrees offset in this, without sticking out than the other cars. Nevertheless, we would buy the Birò only on other technical and price terms. This means more battery capacity, better engine performance, different brake and accelerator pedal arrangement, longer charging cable and lower price. The Birò for the moped license (45 km / h, from 16 years) costs just under 11,000 euros, the largest Big (60 km / h) even 13,500 euros. Even with the electromobility joker "Costs more and more" Estrima with the Birò potential customers will be difficult to explain why they should spend so much. For all the love of electric mobility.

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