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Feature phones are not gone and are big business for Nokia

The latest report from Competitive smartphone ecosystem from The CIU shows that Nokia has 2.2% of the market for smartphones sold in the country, just between Alcatel and Sony and above brands such as Xiaomi.

And although Nokia’s focus is especially on the feature phone market, the brand also seeks to have more variety in the mid-range and even bring a 5G smartphone at some point.

“5G is one of the most important and critical investment topics that we are looking to grow in Latin America, we recently launched a device, the Nokia 8.3 5G, which is already available in Europe and the United States and we think that this portfolio is for next year in the region, everything depends on the alliances we achieve. For next year we are looking especially in Mexico and Brazil to bring this type of equipment, ”said Angelone.

For this, in addition to strengthening their alliances with partners such as ATT or Telcel, they have sought to grow their eCommerce options in channels such as Mercado Libre or Amazon.

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“Consumption habits have changed in users and we are seeking to highlight certain tools when marketing a product. According to IDC, Mexicans are the strongest market when it comes to buying online, so we are looking to strengthen our presence in channels such as Amazon or Mercadolibre ”, said the vice president of HMD Global for Latin America.

The investments around the company’s plans are in line with the objectives that Angelone indicated in an interview, since the Finnish company will allocate 230 million dollars to promote the arrival of 5G smartphones, improve its eCommerce services, and grow its market in other areas such as ranges. socks.


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