Feijóo: «We must recognize that Iglesias is the most influential politician in Spain»


Albert Rivera is at home and Iglesias in La Moncloa.

Rivera is a politician who has had a lot of merit, everything he did in Catalonia was outstanding. Going from that naked electoral cartel to being the majority force in Catalonia is spectacular. And from there everything was errors. He was going at such a high speed that he left the track several times, and in the end he had a total accident. I regret it, but the truth is that the speed with which I was driving in politics was reckless.

E Iglesias in a probable Vice Presidency of the Government of Spain if the pre-agreement signed with Sánchez is successful.

He has achieved what he wanted, and with a worse result and with huge internal divisions. It must be recognized that I think the most influential politician in Spain: not only has he succeeded, down by half, being vice president of the Government, he is also the bridge between the PSOE and independence. Iglesias is the key to the Government and the key to parliamentary stability. We had not found a politician with such power for a long time.

What do you think that Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero can be in the Government, or he in the Government and she leading the party?

I have seen that in Argentina. .


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