Fires in the Amazon electrify the G7


Some 8,000 km from the Amazon rainforest, the fires that ravage the "lung of the planet" have already hit the G7 begins this Saturday in Biarritz on the other side of the Atlantic. The subjects of friction were not lacking on the agenda, but the pass of arms between Emmanuel Macron and the Brazilian Jaïr Bolsonaro (who is not yet a member of the group of seven) came to shake this summit which was announced already burning.

The crisis exploded this Friday, on Twitter. Thursday evening, the French president was alarmed to see the Brazilian forests go up in smoke. "Our house burns. Literally ", he was moved, borrowing the expression used 17 years earlier by his predecessor Jacques Chirac, at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa.

At the instigation of Macron, the subject will be added to the agenda of the G7, no offense to his Brazilian counterpart. For he was indeed offended by the French who had, according to him, the arrogance to qualify these fires of "international crisis". "I regret that President Macron is seeking to exploit an internal problem of Brazil and other Amazonian countries for personal political gains," he replied, also on Twitter.

And to qualify the suggestion of Macron to address the subject in the G7, without the participation of the countries of the region, a "colonial state of mind poorly come in the twenty-first century." Sigh of a French diplomat of high rank, almost weary: "We do not fight everyone in his corner against global warming".

VIDEO. Fire in the Amazon: the green lung of the planet goes up in smoke

Can the Biarritz meeting change something? This is in any case the wish of Emmanuel Macron, who jumped at the opportunity to take on the role of firefighter anxious to preserve the environment, one of the major challenges of this G7. The Elysee said that the diplomatic advisers of the various delegations have already begun to work on concrete initiatives that the French president hopes they can lead during the summit.

"President Bolsonaro lied"

But the mission looks daunting: Donald Trump, expected Saturday night, is close to the Brazilian, and just as reluctant to ecology and multilateralism as him. Anyway, on the eve of the meeting, Macron did not miss the opportunity to show his firmness against the Brazilian right-wing leader. Friday evening, the Elysee Palace has also denounced "an ecocide spreading in the Amazon". But beyond words, the French president also wanted to mark the coup with a strong act

Fires in the Amazon electrify the G7

Accusing Bolsonaro of not meeting its climate commitments, the French president has decided, in retaliation, to oppose the free trade agreement between the European Union and the South American common market, Mercosur, including Brazil. is one of four members. "Given the attitude of Brazil in recent weeks, the President of the Republic can only note that President Bolsonaro lied to him at the Osaka Summit (Note: the G20, last June) "Said the Elysee, in a dry as usual record.

A tough response, which has cherry biarrote on the cake, was applauded by the FNSEA, and approved by Nicolas Hulot. Two days earlier, during the presentation to the press of "his" G7, Emmanuel Macron had recalled his commitment to the sovereignty of the country: "France is not an aligned country." Just before finding his peers, the president has not hesitated to demonstrate his willingness to resist as much as possible to those who refuse to play the game of the concert of nations.


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