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First Baby Travel Influencer | An old man around the world; The first trip was at the age of three weeks; Monthly Income Rs 75,000 – News18 Malayalam

There is a lot of competition going on today between social media influencers. Today, social media influencers are used for brand promotions and product promotions with huge followers. But have you ever seen this kid influencer? There are many adventure travels that this kid Vlogger has done. The child star has traveled to 16 US states, including Kansas, Utah, Arizona, Florida, Alaska and New Mexico. With this, the one-year-old Briggs earns Rs 75,000 ($ 1,000) per month in sponsorship.

Now Briggs does not need to pay for diapers and wipes. Everything is available for free. Briggs Darrington, who recently turned one year old, is now visiting Idaho Falls with his travel blogger parents Jess and Steve. Born on October 14, 2020, Briggs made his first trip to Nebraska when he was three weeks old. He boarded his first flight when he was just 9 weeks old. Since then, Briggs has flown 45 flights. It was also an eight-hour journey from Utah to Hawaii.

Briggs’ childhood sightings include bears in Alaska, balloon fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, wolves in Yellowstone National Park, and beaches in California. Briggs’ mother, Jess, says her son will be the world’s youngest travel influencer. Briggs’ travel vlogs have a large fan base. Brigg has 250,000 likes on Tick Tock and 34,000 followers on Instagram.

Jess, a 28 – year – old full – time travel blogger, says her son earns Rs 75,000 a month through promotions through tourism boards and brands. Jess also clarified that Brig has a sponsor who provides free diapers and wipes.

“I’m been running a blog called Part Time Tourists for a few years, but when Briggs became pregnant in 2020, I was really upset that my career was over. My husband and I really wanted to change that, so we started looking for social media accounts about the baby’s trip, but could not find one,” said Jess Daily. Told the mail.

It was only later that I realized about such an opportunity. Decided to start social media accounts. This is a fun way to share what you have learned while traveling with a baby and to help other parents through it. She never thought her posts would be so helpful to mothers who are suffering from postpartum anxiety and depression, Jess says. Although traveling as a part-time tourist for the past few years, Briggs has gained more popularity through brands and tourism boards since his arrival.

Kovid travels in compliance with 19 safety standards. Very simple and beautiful areas are chosen for the trip, avoiding the crowded areas.

Jess says she travels with special care for baby napkins and food. Anyway this baby blogger is famous all over the world today with his travel stories.


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