Five tricks to book a cheap flight for your summer vacation


Finding a cheap flight in summer depends as much on the flexibility of dates as on buying the right day and time. Experts recommend booking the ticket at least three weeks in advance and be careful with the added extras that may increase the price. To help in the search, we selected some tricks to get travel at the best possible price during the next weeks.

1. Be flexible on dates and destination.

It's a no-brainer, but choosing start and end days of travel that do not coincide with the weekend, can lower the plane ticket. Something similar happens with the destination, the less demanded it is, the less the trip will cost. In the Airhelp portal they believe it is important that the user adapts to the dates in which booking a flight has a lower price.

2. Start the trip on a Thursday or Friday

In the report "Travel Pricing Outlook in 2019" prepared by Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and Expedia Group it is recommended to buy flights that depart on Thursday or Friday as they can mean a 10% savings in air fares. Likewise, the experts who have carried out this study point out that it is important to avoid flights that depart on Sundays, since they are usually the most expensive. In "Travel Pricing Outlook in 2019" it is also indicated that round-trip flights covering a Saturday in between usually have a lower cost.

3. Book up to three weeks before

Experts from ARC and Expedia Group recommend buying at least three weeks in advance to avoid last-minute price increases. "They hope to reserve at the last minute can be an expensive game," they say. On the other hand, ACR and Expedia Group confirm that making the reservation on Sunday can save up to 36% and reveal that the most expensive tickets are usually bought on Thursdays or Fridays.

4. Beware of the extras.

Some cheap flights have a trap and it is convenient to avoid the extras that suppose an important surcharge to the final price. The most common bonuses are usually those related to luggage, the choice of seats, the means of payment, the cancellation of reservations, the services during the trip, the printing of the boarding pass or the insurance.

5. Flights with hidden city.

The experts remember that sometimes it is cheaper to travel to destinations in which stopovers are used and the last part of the trip is lost instead of going directly to the destination. Thus, some travelers choose to buy a ticket to a final destination with a stopover in the chosen city for a lower price. In they emphasize that the airline can not cancel a return flight for not doing the outbound one or getting off on a scale and not finishing the trip. . (tagsToTranslate) flights (t) cheap (t) summer


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