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For more information on Anjana Yatra, see: Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

In Seema Mohanlal

Kochi: Miss Kerala who was killed in a road accident in Ernakulam Vyttila. Dr. Shahjahan ‘s daughters at the house of Runner’s father Alur Ambatan. The release of Anjana Yatra’s maiden film is set to take place next month. RK. Anjana, who excelled in beauty pageants, will also compete in the silver screen. And FIG. ‘Salute’ by Dulquer Kharsalman, directed by Roshan Andrews In the future, Dr. Anjana was doing. But Anjana died before the film could be released.

Anjana, who was in a combination with Durkhari. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Co-director of the film Kandinesh Menon I’m going to.

The shock of the death of Anjana, who won the love of everyone on the set. Lance line staff. The short film ‘Kammal Story’ starring Anjana was released last day. It was raining. Anjana has been in the modeling industry for many years and has been featured in many commercials. Has also acted in.

Anjana and Ansi, who died together, take part in beauty pageants together. It was heartwarming from the start. These people, who have been cherished and cherished during the Kovi era, have come together in many events. Participated. The two went to Kochi to participate in an event that night. Arrived at. The heart that started in Ramp did not die in death.

Before he died, Ansi wrote, “It’s time to go.”

Kochi: Two days before the accident, VC took part in an Instagram show. Friends who started the Dio. The video’s footnote reads, “It’s time to go.” An angel walking down the valley in the background of an English song. C is in the video.

This video, which was taken during a recent trip, and the lines about Ansi added to the separation of friends and relatives. They were active on social media.


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