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Former Director of Legal Medicine in Putumayo, sanctioned for rape

The Attorney General’s Office dismissed and disqualified for 20 years the former director of Legal Medicine in Mocoa (Putumayo), after finding him responsible for rape of minors.

According to the events narrated in the public disciplinary hearings, the former official contacted the minors through a woman, who forced the girls to sleep with him in exchange for money.

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The investigations began with the complaint of the mother of one of the girls under 14 years of age and a member of the Inga ethnic group. The events would have occurred between February and March 2018 when the youngest was 13 years old.

The Attorney General’s Office confirmed that the man used the headquarters of the Institute of legal medicine to receive the minors, where he asked for kisses on the mouth and planned sexual encounters.

“To receive minors with purposes other than the mission of the entity, abusing his position “in a public office to touch and kiss the girls in exchange for money, taking advantage of the conditions of family, emotional and economic vulnerability,” said the Attorney General.

The sanction also covers the crime of embezzlement by use, because it was found that the man used on several occasions the van assigned to the entity’s management to move to the motels where he had sexual encounters with minors.

“He would pick us up at the Mocoa bridge in a white van and took us to a motel. In that place he told us to have sex with my friend. In other words, we both looked at what that man did to each one of us, ”says one of the stories of the indigenous minor victim of abuse.

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In the disciplinary study, the Attorney General’s Office described the conduct of the former official as “very serious offenses, as a fraud, because he was aware of the behavior that he developed, especially when it was an issue that he handled his function as a public servant ”.

The Attorney General also questioned the fact that the man knew the seriousness of his conduct by “his condition as a doctor and sectional director of the Institute of Legal Medicine in Putumayo ”.

The Attorney General said in the ruling that it affected “the rights of the minor victim belonging to the Inga indigenous community, rights that prevail over others by constitutional mandate ”.

Because the ruling is of first instance, the defense of the former director of Legal Medicine filed an appeal for appeal that will be resolved in a second disciplinary instance.


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