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France banned its ministers from using the Office cloud

France he has forbidden all his ministers to use Microsoft 365, the service in the cloud which include the documents of Office como Word, Excel o PowerPoint.

According to an internal document obtained by Public Actors, the director of the French government’s ‘Direction interministérielle du numérique’ has asked ministers not to work with Microsoft 365 because “it does not comply with the doctrine in cloud from the center”.

“Collaborative, office automation and messaging solutions offered to public officials are part of sensitive data management systems,” he explains.

The measure goes against the Cloud Act of the United States, a law in which the data stored by companies or governments in the clouds from US companies, regardless of their location in the world.

That, added to the different gaps in the servers of Microsoft, It can lead to sensitive government information ending up in the wrong hands.

So what alternatives do you have?

The ministries will be able to use clouds with the label ‘SecNumCloud’, issued by the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems.

So far, the three companies in this category are Oodrive, 3DS Outscale and OVHcloud.

Public officials will also be able to use tools from Bleu, a company created by Orange and Capgemini and part of the Gaia-X initiative.

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