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France divided with an “infantilizing” color code

If the choice of a deconfinement based on a color code according to the epidemic situation in each department is questionable for several reasons, it could be the least bad solution, explains this columnist of the American site Bloomberg.

In France, the “containment has reached its limits ”, comments on this columnist of Bloomberg. “Public opinion is now opposed to it. Isolation saved more than 60,000 lives, but it also plunged the economy and infantilized citizens by controlling their movements, limiting the purchase of masks and prohibiting jogging ”. The whole question for the executive is now how to relax the measures without triggering a second wave. And for that, France is trying a “new extraordinary human experience”, Quips the American site: “Freedom is returned selectively.”

This Thursday, April 30, the Minister of Health indeed unveiled the first map indicating the epidemic activity in France. “Like a weather report, each zone receives a daily note – green, orange or red -” depending on the active circulation of the virus and the hospital pressure on resuscitation capacities in each department. In addition, there will be an additional criterion by May 11: the number of screening tests. Then these indicators “will dictate the lifting of restrictions ”, precise Bloomberg: a red color “Could mean that shops or public spaces remain closed”In a department; a color “Green would allow the reopening of parks and certain schools”. The “harder to take ”? “Citizens living in the red zones will be banned from going to the green zones.”

Frustration and fragmentation

For Bloomberg, if “The Americans and the Germans may be used to the divisions in their federal system, for the French it is a total revolution ”: “The nation state is being cut today.”True “Technocratic twist”, “there will not be a plan but 101 – one for each of the country’s administrative departments – deconfinement plans”.

What is encouraging with this choice, recognizes the media, is that “Unlike current confinement, greater responsibility is placed in the hands of citizens and their local elected representatives”. Because “the ubiquitous state has been both a curse and a blessing in this crisis ”. However, it is difficult to know how “a fragmented society will really behave ”in front of this deconfinement plan. After all, remember Bloomberg, “when containment was introduced, more than a million people fled the Paris area for more pleasant pastures”. Should we fear a new departure of “red inhabitants”Towards a green zone? “It’s possible”, Replies the site. But it is also possible that “Fear of the virus makes people stay at home, even in areas that reopen, while the frustration of having to stay locked up longer elsewhere can make them skip the rules.”

The “carrot or the stick”

Despite everything, still judge Bloomberg, if this system does not appear fair, it seems to be the “Best of a series of bad options” . Because “as infantilising as being a “France with a color code”, for those who live there, it also gives society a common objective to achieve – namely to make the whole card green “.

The country, still deplores the American site, “Knows that he cannot afford a new national confinement: the social and economic costs would be unbearable”.So there is more for the government whose “Health concerns are clearly no longer the sole goal of politics” , whatcarrot or stick method ”: “The more green on the map, the more liberties are recovered, and the less chance there is of a second confinement.

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