French President Truman Emmanuel Macron explodes at the Nato meeting to show unity


President Trump spoke in French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, criticizing the views expressed by the French leader of NATO “very bad”, “very bad,” and “very disrespectful.” T

Trump's comments came before schedule to meet Macron at the start of a two-day conference of the North Atlantic Atlantic Treaty organization which intends to create a unity for an alliance marked onth anniversary.

While Trump has focused on Macron's views which have cast doubt on NATO's effectiveness – he also did – he suggested that Macron's threat was to cut 3% tax on high-tech companies, including American giants, Facebook, Google and Amazon, a matter of which Macron was in conflict with much of this year.

“If anyone has to benefit from the American companies that we have to have,” Trump said. “It won't be like France.”

On another international economic issue, Trump continued with his slow statement from last week that the US and China were close to solving their trading war.

“I have no deadline,” said Trump, suggesting that a new trade deal would not come to China until after next year's elections. “China's trade deal depends on one thing: Do I want to do it?” He said.

Trump tends to engage publicly with allies and a breakdown of diplomatic negotiations during international conferences, which took account of NATO officials' decision to make this year's leaders come together.

Trump arrived in London late Monday and is due to leave on Wednesday.

Trump answered questions for more than 50 minutes with reporters during his first meeting here with Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, at the Winfield House, an official residence of the United States ambassador in the UK, located in Regent & Park's.

As Trump stood on various issues, including overriding, Russia, Chinese trade and North Korean missile tests, Stoltenberg sat mostly watching, interrupting occasional unity traffic.

In addition to NATO officials, British political figures and candidates in next week's parliamentary elections are concerned that Trump would interfere with the campaign during his visit. Some curators here have concerns that Trump association with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, leader of the Conservative Party, could hurt the British voters.

Trump said he would stay out of the election, but he suggested to Johnson and he argued that both of them would come together, although he has no one with the British leader on his public schedule.

“I stay off,” said Trump. “I think Boris is very capable, and I think he will do a good job.”

Trump also said that “he can work with anyone” when asked about Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor Party on Johnson's chief opponent.

Macron had a controversy last month, worried about NATO's “brain death” in an interview with the Economist.

Ironically, Trump's “First First” agenda contributed significantly to his full and inclusive approach to Syria and other global spots of the American reliability of America.

Trump asked NATO “obsolete” during his presidential campaign. But on Tuesday, he defended himself as the defender of the alliance, and blamed Macron as a person working later and put his own efforts into increasing their defense budgets.

“No one from NATO needs more than France,” Trump said. “We have less benefit from that …. This is a very dangerous statement that they will do.” T

He said the United States is helping Europe to defend against foe “might be an enemy, or not,” referring to Russia. Trump took credit from Nato, which was set up to tackle the Soviet Union, to expand its focus to other threats.

“There are other foes too,” he said, and he put extra emphasis on the Russian attack.

Macron has tried more than other European leaders to be more friendly and narrower with Trump. But like other colleagues, Trump rejected Paris's climate conditions and Iran's nuclear dealings as well as fights on trade. Trump is threatened with the imposition of tariffs on French wine and other products to compensate for high tech French tax.

Trump, which has diplomatic conventions observed by his predecessors, has little unusual on the public conflict with ally. During the same session, Trump also attacked domestic shocks, which an ordinary president refused in advance on the foreign soil.

“In Germany, they like Obama. The reason they like Obama because Obama brought the ship away. He allowed them to take everything, ”said Trump to his predecessor. “Perhaps they don't like me because I am representing us, and I'm strong to us. President Obama did not stand us firmly. ”

“He took everything away” to Europe, Trump said, not to specify what he was discussing. “We are still paying the price for what he has done.” T

He asked the Democrats to lead the clearance inquiry against him “unmarried” and said that they would be at fault if the candidate clouded his efforts internationally.

He said that he would not accept a censure that would criticize his actions in Ukraine and do not annoy him.

“You don't criticize someone when they didn't do anything wrong,” he said. “They are an inquiry you call to search a crime.”

Trump was also dealing with another domestic issue, the possibility of Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo resigning to the Senate in Kansas.

Trump said that Pompeo was doing a “great job”, which stood alongside him in making the comments, but “if I thought that there was a danger of losing that seat, I would sit and tell Mike really.”

Many Republican leaders believe that there is a serious possibility that the party could lose the Seanad seat by Pat Roberts, who intends to retire, and they argued for Pompeo to run.

Even as Trump engaged with a colleague and a Democratic Party, he continued to emphasize his strong relationship with American attendees. He shrug his shoulders when asked about North Korean leader missile tests, Kim Jong One.

“He really likes to send rockets up isn't it? That's why I call him a rocket man, ”Trump said, and he again stressed his personal ties with the president.

And even as NATO allies and American officials complained about Turkey's invasion in northern Syria and the decision it made to buy Russian S-400 missiles, Trump made no attempt to attempt to land in a NATO member state.

He praised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for allowing US military to cross its airspace during the mission leading to the death of Abu Bakr Baghdadi, founder of Islamic State. And he blamed Obama to mislead the Turkish decision to buy the arms, in line with Erdogan's line.

As well as meeting Macron today, Trump intends to hold a Republican cash collector who is expected to collect $ 3 million, meet Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to take tea with Charles Charles and his wife , Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles, and attended a reception with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.


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